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What is nursery plant?

A nursery is a small piece of land inside which small plants are prepared through seeds. After preparing these plants, people buy them for the purpose of business and they are sold in the market. Even big tree plants are prepared by putting good quality seeds inside the nursery and as long as they are taken care of till they are completely ready to be planted in the fields or anywhere else in the houses.

Different types of flowers and fruit trees are prepared in the nursery and these are also sold. In today’s time, everyone buys different types of plants through nurseries for the decoration of their home, office etc.

The main purpose of doing business by planting trees through nursery

In a way, the main purpose of this business is not only to plant trees and sell them to people, but also to protect our nature through trees and plants. Because the more greenery there is on our earth, the more pollution can be reduced. Apart from this, its main objective is to get good profits by selling trees and plants in the nursery like other businesses.

The government is also giving a lot of encouragement for this work. She is encouraging people to provide new employment opportunities by setting up nurseries at small places. With this people can buy more trees and plants and save our environment.

nursery trade

In today’s time, people are being made aware through many such awareness programs by the government. To protect the nature and for good health, plant maximum number of trees and saplings, through these programs today’s young generation is also to be made aware.

People have saved the environment from getting polluted by planting green trees. Nowadays people show their house beautiful by planting good trees and plants even in the small garden being built in the house. Apart from this, there is also a good atmosphere of the house through trees and plants.

As you all see that nowadays, apart from homes, a large number of trees and plants have also increased in places like offices, restaurants, offices, big hotels etc. People are planting trees in large numbers by becoming aware. According to a research, people plant trees and plants in their offices. It makes them feel good there. Due to all these reasons, starting a nursery business can be very profitable.

Some important information before starting the nursery plant business

Whenever a new business is started, the complete information about that business has to be kept in the surrounding area. Because if you do any business without knowledge, then you may have to bear loss in it. Let us know what are the important things to be kept in mind before starting the nursery plant business.

  • First of all, where you want to plant a nursery plant, first you have to see about that area properly and talk to the people around there, take advice from them and do proper research about this work.
  • While looking for a place for your work, it should also be seen that there is no other nursery around your work. This can have a huge impact on your work.
  • Apart from this, important information will have to be given to other people doing nursery plant business. It is very important to have detailed information about the work you are starting.
  • Apart from this, which trees are more needed around you and by planting which type of trees, this work of yours can be made successful. It is very important to have knowledge of this thing.
  • You will also have to make changes in your business by planting trees according to the season.
  • Whenever you start your business, you will have to pay more attention to some trees and plants which get up early and do not get hit by the weather too much. For this, you can also take the help of a tree plant expert.
  • Before starting the business, you have to take training from this work.

Budget to start nursery business

In the beginning, if you are doing nursery business, then you do not need much budget for this. This work can be easily started by buying good quality seeds and renting a piece of fertile land.

For this you may need 50 thousand to 1 lakh rupees. The biggest thing about this business is that the money you invest in the beginning, you can earn profit in a couple of months and you can expand your business to a bigger level.

Plant Nursery Business Type

If you want to do business by planting trees through nursery, then first of all you have to decide how big your business is and how much will be your budget. Only then you will be able to take a right decision about doing business. If we talk about nursery business, then it is divided into three categories.

  • retail nursery business
  • commercial nursery business
  • private nursery business

retail nursery business

This nursery is called retail nursery because through this you can sell individual trees and plants. In this, you can sell trees and plants in small pots for office, home and other small places. In this, retail nursery is traded by plants and small plants, pots, plastic, polythene, manure and other materials used in it.

If you have an empty roof lying in your house, you can start this business there too. Apart from this, there is a courtyard of your house, if it is unpaved, then you can start this work from there also, that is why it is called retail nursery business. In this business, you can start your work from your home also, by planting new types of trees, they can be easily sold from home.

commercial nursery business

This business is done by planting trees and plants in wholesale under the commercial nursery plant business. In this, seeds and new plants are also made available to the farmers for cultivation. If you have a lot of budget, then you can start this business on a large scale as well. This is also called the business of wholesale. Under this, you can supply your trees and plants to small nursery plants.

Under nursery trade, small plants are prepared by planting seeds in a large area. You can plant plants of anything, the way small plants are in demand in the market or you can start this work by planting different types of plants according to the needs of the farmers. In this business, trees and plants are grown according to the needs of farmers and big nursery traders.

private nursery business

Under the private nursery business, you can buy the land of big farms or you can also take it on rent. In this you can do business of tigers on a large scale. To start this business also a lot of money has to be spent, in the place where you are doing business of big plantations, under that you can plant different types of fruits, vegetables or even decorations and medicinal plants. You can

The nursery plant business is divided into three parts. In this, a person can start this business according to his budget. Even in the business of private nursery, you have to spend from one lakh to ₹ 20 lakh for tree plants. Apart from this, separate money has to be spent to buy or rent a place.

Buying Seeds for Trees and Plants at the Nursery

If you are thinking of starting this work by planting trees through nursery, then you can buy all types of trees and plants assembled in wholesale from any government nursery. From there you will get very cheap and good goods. Different types of seeds, flower plants, medicinal plants, all kinds of plants will be available there at very low prices. You will get the price of those plants from ₹ 5 to ₹ 1500-2000 here.

There is also an advantage of buying these things from government nurseries, there you will be given all kinds of information related to trees and plants related to our environment, how to take care of trees and plants and protect the environment. That’s why if you are doing nursery business, then you can start this work by taking seeds and plants from any government nursery.

Required license registration for plant nursery

Whenever you are thinking or want to start the business of nursery plant, for this you also need some important license registration. Let us know which are the essential things needed:

  • To start the nursery plant, first of all permission has to be obtained from the Municipal Corporation or the Municipality, Panchayat Samiti etc. of your area. From there you get a certificate, only after that you can start the work of nursery plant.
  • Apart from this, you will also have to apply for the GST number issued by the government, from there you will get a trademark. After that you will start your business. There will be no restriction of the government in this, rather their permission will be given.
  • You can also get your nursery insured for nursery plants. If there is any accident or problem in future, you will also get compensation from the government.

Some important equipment for nursery plant business

Nursery plant business requires very important items, without them you cannot do this work. Let us know which important items may be needed:

  • location
  • soil
  • chemical fertilizers
  • machinery and equipment
  • Labour

1 place

Whenever starting a new business, the most important thing is the place. Without space, you cannot do the work. For nursery business also you need space to prepare the trees for planting. If you want to plant trees and plants in pots, then you also need a place to keep the pots, that’s why you do not need to look for different places for this business.

If you start this business from home, then you can start this work by planting trees and plants in pots in the courtyard of your house or even on the roof of your house. It is up to you to choose the location according to the way you want to do business.

2. Soil

In the business of nursery plant, the most important thing required for planting trees and plants is soil. Without this it is not at all possible to do this business. If you have a little knowledge of gardening, then you must know that if trees are planted in plain soil, then they do not grow properly.

That is why this soil is made fertile by mixing manure and other things in the right kind of fertile soil in the soil for the nutrition of trees and plants. So that the trees and plants can be prepared well and the trees and plants can grow quickly.

3. Chemical Organic Manures and Fertilizers

In this business, different types of insecticides, pesticides and other manure fertilizers are required for proper rearing of trees, plants and seeds and to prevent them from diseases.

Because until the trees and plants do not get proper nutrition, they will not be able to flourish completely, that is why the most important thing in this business is all these things. So that trees and plants can be saved from all kinds of diseases.

4. Machine and necessary equipment

Nursery plant business requires some important equipment and machine, by which your work is made very easy. Watering the plants, harvesting them, transporting the plants, etc. have to be done on a daily basis. To make all these tasks easier, there are different types of such devices available in the market today.

Due to these tools, these tasks can be made easier. You can buy these machines and important equipments as per your requirement. The use of all these things also depends on your budget. If you have a little budget then you can buy these machines and necessary equipment.

5. Skilled labor

In the nursery plant business, there are many small such important tasks, such as digging the soil, planting plants, planting seeds in them, harvesting trees, spraying pesticides in trees and plants, etc. Many works have to be done. It is not possible to do all these works alone, that is why there is a need to keep some laborers in between.

According to your requirement, you can hire one or two or four laborers as per your requirement. Just keep in mind that if all the laborers do not have some experience of doing this work, then your trees and plants can be harmed. Otherwise you will have to train all of them yourself.

Some essential skills for business success

For the success of nursery plant, it is very important to know some important things. Without their abilities and knowledge, this business cannot be made successful. Let us know which important contributions are necessary:

  • First of all, to make your business successful, you need to have complete knowledge about all the plants. So that by planting all those trees and plants, you can properly take care of them.
  • There are many species of trees and plants, which require different types of irrigation, temperature and view, that is why this is the most important information for you, it is necessary to have the knowledge beforehand.
  • For this business, you also need to have knowledge of every little thing like irrigation, harvesting of trees and plants, temperature control. Apart from this, you should also be able to buy important equipment for all these things.
  • It is important to know about the various diseases affecting trees and plants. So that by taking proper care of them, you can save all the trees and plants from those diseases.
  • Last but not the least, you must have marketing and management skills to run your business. Because in the absence of these things, you can also suffer loss in business. It is very important to know how to run the business.

Marketing for nursery plant

Whenever starting any new business, the most important thing is marketing. If you do not know how to do marketing properly then you can also incur loss in business, same happens in nursery plant. Let us know in which way you can do marketing for nursery plant:

  • First of all, you have to observe the place around you and see that there is more potential in growing your business.
  • You also have to see how many houses are there around you, how many offices are there, where you can sell your trees and plants.
  • For the promotion and marketing of your business, you can also do the work of decoration pots in parties, weddings, etc., this can also increase your customers.
  • You can also make farmers your part for the promotion of your business. For this awareness seminars can be organized in the village. There you can promote and promote the business of your nursery plant along with giving information about various seeds used for making organic fertilizers. This will increase your customers and your business will also increase.
  • To increase your business, you will have to increase your business by giving soil fertilizers and other chemicals available in the market to the people at lower prices than the suppliers.
  • You can also contact big flower shop owners for your business.
  • You can also promote your business by running various environmental awareness campaigns.
  • You can also grow your business online. Nowadays people also like to buy trees and plants through online. Apart from this, ever since the Corona epidemic has come, after that people have started shopping online, in such a situation you can also take advantage.
  • You should plant more such trees and plants in your nursery, which people buy more like Tulsi, money plant, different types of flower plants, decoration plants, all these people like to buy daily.

Profit in nursery plant business

In today’s time, preparing small trees and plants in nurseries or preparing them by planting seeds, and then selling trees and plants to people, this business is proving to be very beneficial.

If you start this business on a small scale from your home, then you can earn 10 to 20 thousand rupees a month in the beginning. As your business grows, you can start it on a large scale and earn lakhs in a month.


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With how much money can the business of nursery plant be started by planting tree saplings?

50 thousand to 1 lakh

What are the types of nursery plant business?

There are 3 types, which are commercial nurseries, private nurseries, retail nurseries.

Can nursery plant business be done from home also?


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