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Unique Business Ideas

Unique Business Ideas Pickle Business Kaise Kare: Most of the people in our country are fond of eating pickles. Whenever you eat food at a wedding ceremony or hotel or at home, you definitely use pickle with food. Because food without pickle is considered incomplete. Today pickles are made by a large number of people in every village and city of our country.

Today women have also started doing its business. This work is such that you can start it from anywhere with a low cost. If you know a good method of making pickles, then you can make pickles at home too. If the quality of your pickle is good, then you can market your pickle and sell it in the market.

In today’s time, pickle making business can be started with very little money. Lakhs of rupees are not required for this. If you want to do some profitable business in less money while sitting at home in free time, then it would be very right to do business of pickles.

How to start pickle business?

Pickle Business

Pickle business is very famous in our country today as a small scale industry. To do this business, first of all you should know about how to make pickles. You need to know about the type of spices you are using in your pickles and the types of pickles you know how to make.

Everyone in our country likes pickles very much. Today, you can also supply pickles from home because you can sell your pickles at all these hotels, restaurants, dhabas, big shops. This pickle business can be started with very little money.

What is pickle?

Pickle is a very spicy, pungent, sour-sweet dish. It is made by a lot of spices, oil. Pickle is often made of all kinds of vegetables like lemon, cari, amla, bitter gourd, licorice, carrot, which people eat with pleasure.

Pickles are found in every household in our country. Often all women in homes are very good at making pickles. He also likes to buy pickles from the market. It is used as a main dish in food.

Special Experience To Start Pickle Business

If you are doing the business of pickles, then it is very important for you to have experience. You should have knowledge about the method of making all types of pickles. How pickles are made, how pickles can be kept at home for a long time and how it is made very tasty, all these things must be known.

Only after this you can start the work of making pickle. It is necessary to have the following information for the business of pickles:

  • To find out where the demand for pickles is happening in the market.
  • Information about license registration required for the business of pickles.
  • Location information.
  • Information about the machines by which pickles are made.
  • All Pickle Recipes.
  • Information about where, how and how the pickle should be sold.

Place For Pickle Business

If you are thinking of starting your business as a small scale industry, then it is not necessary that you take a separate place for it, because you can start this business sitting at home. If you work separately, then your expenses for that will increase a lot.

In the beginning, if you do this from home, then it will be good for you. As your business grows, you can increase your business by taking separate space accordingly.

Make A Budget First For Pickle Business

If you are starting your pickle business sitting at home, for this you have to make a budget. There is no need to make much budget for this. All the ingredients are easily available at home. Only you have to buy the raw material from the market to make pickle.

Pickle making business can also be started from home. If the quality of your pickles is good and you do marketing in the right direction, then you can increase your business and earn good profits.

Using the profit, you can buy whatever necessary items and machines you need for this business. You can start this business with ₹ 2 thousand.

Raw Material For Making Pickles

Whenever you start any business, be it in small form or on a large scale, it requires raw material. Without that you cannot start your business.

In the same way, some essential raw materials are also required for making pickles, which you can make by purchasing them from the vegetable market at the right price from the wholesale market. Let us know, what are the raw materials required.

  • Raw fruits and vegetables (of your choice)
  • Spices (essential spices like fenugreek, celery, sauf, cumin, chili etc.)
  • mustard oil
  • Salt
  • large pots

All these ingredients play an important role in making pickle. Pickle cannot be made tasty without these. You buy all these things together in advance.

You can buy these items from any wholesale market at the right price. You cannot go to the market daily to buy all the goods, that is why all the goods will be cheaper if bought together.

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To buy all the items, you have to prepare a list of spices. Because there are many types of things in spices, without which you cannot make pickle tasty. That’s why by making a list, you can buy the goods together.

How To Start Pickle Business?

First of all you should start the pickle from home. For this, make pickles at home and distribute them among the people of the neighborhood so that you get suggestions about the taste and quality of your pickles. Letting people know what kind of pickle you make will give you a good feedback.

On the basis of that, you can further your business of pickles, the way you make pickles at home more tasty and last longer. In the same way, if you make pickle for your business, then it will be good for you.

Because it is not like making some more pickles at home to sell outside. If your quality deteriorates due to this, then your business will also not be good. That’s why start it from your home.

Pickle Recipes

When we start the business of making pickles, the most important thing is the method of making pickles. If you have made pickle properly then your business will run very well. All the women in our country come up with thousands of ways to make pickles, by which they try to make their pickles more delicious.

Let us know by which methods pickle can be made tasty.


Some pickles are like this, they are made in a very simple way. For example, pickles of ginger and onions are cut and peeled, mixed with all the spices and put in vinegar in the sun. In 2-4 days it becomes fit to eat pickle.

Carrot, radish, chili etc. mustard, turmeric, salt are added to these pickles and kept in the sun for 7 days. After 7 days you can use these four for food.

Mango Pickle

Mixing mustard oil, fenugreek etc. in mango pickle, adding mustard oil to it and mixing all the spices well, it is eaten for 20 to 25 days in the sun.

After this, this pickle is put inside a box and put on top and raw mustard oil is kept. You can use this pickle after 1 month.

Lemon Pickle

Winter is the best time to make lemon pickle. Lemon pickle of winter time lasts for a very long time or it can be said that it is the most lasting pickle. You can use lemon pickle for years.

To make lemon pickle, after cutting the lemon, all the spices like black salt, celery, fenugreek, fennel, cumin, asafoetida etc. are mixed inside the lemon and they are put in a box and kept closed. You can keep this pickle in the sun for some time, but it is not necessary that you keep it in the sun only.

After this you can take it for food after 2 months. This pickle can be used for many years. This conduct also comes in the work of many diseases.

Lemon Chilli Pickle

This pickle is useful for daily eating in summer and is also most beneficial. To make this pickle, finely chop chillies and put lemon juice on top of them.

You can add lemon as well. Put a little black salt, cumin, asafetida and keep it for 2 hours. After that you can take it for food use.

To make pickle of jackfruit, permal, bitter gourd, peel them off and wash them well and dry them in the sun. After this mustard, turmeric, mustard, salt are mixed in equal quantity in oil and mixed with the vegetables. After that you can keep it in the sun for 7 days.

Start Making Pickles At Home

If you are doing the business of pickles, then it is important to take care of some things:

A suitable place for pickle business

If you are doing the business of making pickles, then there should be such a place for it, where there is no movement of children or people from outside. May there be no loss due to your small mistake.

That’s why choose a place where you can keep all your belongings safe. There should also be arrangement for mixture machine, grinder, weighing scale, labeling unit, water etc. for making pickles.

Having the necessary license for the business of pickles

You all know very well that in our country it is necessary to get a license for food items. If you are doing business on a large scale, then for that you will have to get a license from the government through FSSAI. The license will be ready for you only after those people check the taste of your pickle. After this you will not have any problem.

This checking work is done because the quality of the pickle is seen in it, whether they are playing with someone’s health and are using good types of things in food. That is why it is necessary to get a license made. If the quality of the pickle is not good then the license will not be made.

After that GST number can also be taken for business. A trademark will be given by the government, with this you can open your own pickle company. If you are doing the business of making pickles as a small scale industry, then no license of any kind is required for this. This work can be started sitting at home.

Staff For The Business Of Ethics / Unique Business Ideas

When your business starts growing, that is, you are taking your step from small scale industry to big industry, then for that you may also need experienced staff. Because you cannot do so much work alone, then with the help of some experienced people, it will be easier for you to do all the work. To pack the pickle, to check the pickle, you may need about three to four people for all.

If you are working as a small scale industry, there is no need to keep any staff for this. Because we can take the help of our family members and all the people in the family. If you want to start your work on a large scale, for that you need some staff.

It would be better if you select women for the staff. Because they also have more experience and women will be easily found for jobs in less money.

Machines Required For Making Pickles / Unique Business Ideas

The requirement of machines for pickle making business depends on the way of doing your industry. If you are working as a small scale industry then it is not necessary that you will need machines. If you want to start your work on a large scale, for that you may need a lot of machines.

Below you have been given information about some machines. You can buy them according to your use.

  • machine for washing vegetables and fruits
  • Machine for Vegetable Cutting
  • dryer machine
  • sealing and packing machine
  • Steelness Steel Marking Label
  • box for packing

Marketing To Sell Pickles / Unique Business Ideas

Promotion of pickle making business can be done in many ways. It depends on your business that you want to start pickle making business at some level. You want to do your business as a small scale industry or big industry. Below are methods for marketing both types of industries.

As A Small Scale Industry

When you are starting the business of making pickles, first of all you can start it as a small scale industry in the neighborhood of your house. After that, you can sell your pickles by showing samples of your pickles in the markets around your house, which are wholesale shops.

Apart from this, hotels, restaurants, college canteens, small dhabas can also sell their pickles after getting them checked. If they like your taste then you will get good orders.

As A Large Industry

As your business starts growing, you can start it on a larger scale. After this, you can send your pickles online by creating a company of your own and there is a lot of demand for pickles in big hotels, restaurants, at all these places, you can give them there too.

When you do business on a large scale, then you will promote your pickles both online and offline, then you will get the better response, people will buy your pickles in large numbers, due to which you will also get good profits. Just take care of good quality in your pickle. If your quality is good then your sale will also be very good.

Online Promotion

You can also promote online for pickle making business. For this, by creating your own website of your business, you can sell pickles online under the name of your own company’s brand or you can promote your pickles through other websites as well. In that, if you are selling your pickles with good discounts and offers, then it will be good for you.

Because most of the people prefer to buy pickle online with discount. You can put posts about your pickle business in different groups on social media like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter. In this way also you can increase your business.

Good Offers And Discounts To Sell Pickles

You can increase the sale of your pickles by giving good discounts to all the retail and wholesale shopkeepers for the promotion of your business and by seeing them buy one get one scheme even during the festival season.

Viewing The Recipe Book For Free

For the promotion of your pickles, you can give a recipe book free of cost along with a packing of 5 to 10 kg of pickles. This will also have a good effect on your cell.

Profit In Pickle Business

If the business of pickles is to be started on a large scale, then it can be started even at a cost of 40 to 50 thousand rupees. You can start it from 10 to 20 thousand rupees from a small level, in this the profit depends on your sale.

You can easily make a profit of 50% in this business. Your month’s earning can be 20 to 30 thousand rupees at least in the beginning. As your business grows, you will get more profit.

Pickle Packing / Unique Business Ideas

Whether the business of making pickles is small or big, whichever way you are starting your business, the most important thing is the packing of pickles. If the pickle is not packed with the right packing, then there are more chances of its getting spoiled.

You have to do hygienic packing of your pickle before sending it to the market. So that it lasts longer and you don’t even get a chance to complain from the customers. Following are the methods of packing the pickle:

  • To pack the pickle, you can pack the pickle in a ceramic utensil or a utensil made of aluminum or any other metal. In this the pickle lasts longer, there are no chances of getting spoiled.
  • You can pack 1 kg to 5 kg pickle in a large glass container. Because pickle does not spoil in glass container.
  • Apart from this, you can pack pickles of 250 grams, 500 grams, 1 kg in transparent plastic pouches.
  • For packing big pickles, you can also pack the outer big box, so that the pickle does not get spoiled.

Packing of pickle is very important because it is a food dish and it has to be packed properly to keep its hygiene level right. Apart from this, the more beautiful the packing of pickles, the more people will be attracted to see your pickles and will buy more pickles from you.

How to promote pickle business?

If you are doing your business on a large scale, then you also need promotion for that. You will have to promote your pickle for the product of your pickle which is currently the most famous actor, actress or any model.

With the help of these people, promoting your pickle can increase the business even more and other business class people will come forward to invest in your business. In this way you can promote your pickle business.


How much budget is required for pickle business?

You can start from home with 10 thousand rupees.

Can pickle business be started from home?


How much profit can be made in the business of pickles?

Initially 10000-20000 after that it depends on the quality of your pickle.

Can government take loan for pickle business?


Which ingredients are mainly used in pickle?

Spices, Vegetables, Fruits, Salt, Oil etc.

What is the process of making pickle?

For the process of making pickle, read this article till the end.


If you are making up your mind to do your pickle business, first of all you start it in a small way, then it will be very beneficial for you. Because it becomes very difficult to work on a large scale all of a sudden. This is a business that you can start sitting at home.

Hope you have liked this article written by us about pickle making business (Achar ka Business Kaise Kare). All types of information have been given in this for your convenience. If you liked it then do like share it. For any kind of talk related to this, you can also comment by going to our comment box.

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