Small Investment Business Ideas – How To Start Bread Making Business?

Small Investment Business Ideas
Couple of young bakers making bread.

Small Investment Business : Bakery plant business is very strong in the country of India. It includes many products, such as bread, bread and biscuits, snacks, etc. Bread is often used extensively for making breakfast. Bread is very much liked by everyone and bread is also delicious to eat.

Wheat or maize is used to make bread and it also contains many nutrients. Whether it is a village or a city, the demand for bread is increasing, that’s why if a person does the business of bread, it can prove to be very profitable for him.

How can we start the business of making bread in this article today? Going to tell about this, definitely read the article till the end for complete information.

Small Investment Business – How To Start Bread Making Business?

To start this business, you need to have a little knowledge. Along with this, you may also have to face some challenges, but its benefits are immense, follow the steps given below to start this business.

Market Research For Bread Making Business – Small Investment Business

As you know, before starting any business, market research is necessary. You can do this research in the market, where you can sell your product. Along with this, which representation is in front of you, and which type of quality is sold more in the market, it is necessary to do market research of all these.

Raw Material For Bread Making Business

  • Wheat flour
  • water
  • butter
  • yeast
  • Salt
  • sugar
  • Ghee
  • refined oil
  • essence
  • lactic acid
  • milk
  • starch
  • peanut flour
  • maize flour
  • glycerin
  • vitamins
  • dry milk etc.

You can go to any wholesale market to buy raw material. With this, you can also buy goods online, but in the wholesale market you will get all the goods at the right price.

Machines For Bread Making Business

To start this business you will need some machines like;-

  • electronic bakery oven
  • It is a type of electric stove, in which trays and shelves are attached, it is used for making bread.
  • mixer machine
  • This machine is used for kneading dough.
  • dropping machine
  • This machine is used for shaping, it is a kind of frame.
  • bread cutting machine
  • This machine is used for shaping bread.
  • platform weighing scale
  • It is a type of weighing device, by which the bread is weighed and packed.
  • trays, pots, bird images, cooling rakes etc.
  • Cardboard, tape, tape dispenser, for sealing packing, candle, heater etc.

Bread Making Process

First of all it is necessary to sift the flour, because it contains coarse grains and other impurities, to remove which the flour is sifted, that is why first you have to eat the flour.

After that all the ingredients have to be weighed in proportion.

Now prepare a mixture by mixing all the things or it can also be mixed using a machine.

When all the mixture is well mixed, after that you divide them into different sizes according to the order.

Now you put the mixture in the baking pan, its temperature should be at least 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

It is very tasty to eat hot and hot bread, but to get good taste and aroma, it is necessary to cool the bread, so keep it for some time to cool down.

After it cools down properly, cut it in the shape of bread.

Bread after cutting to size is ready for packing.

Choosing A Place For Bread Making Business

When you have prepared the complete setup of this business. After that you need space. You choose a place where you can set up a factory and according to your budget, with this you should find a place where more and more people come and go.

License and Registration for Bread Making Business

Before starting any business, you definitely need license and registration. For this you have to issue some licenses like;-

  • Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (fssai) As you know, bread is a food item, it is very important to get a license from fssai.
  • Permission from District Industries Center When you start any industry, you need to take permission from the District Industries Center established in the district.
  • Sales Tax Department for GST License – GST registration has become very important, GST number is necessary for all the business that is done nowadays.
  • fire department license
  • pollution department license
  • Industrial electricity connection etc.

Staff For Bread Making Business

When you start any factory or bakery, you will definitely need an employee for this. For this, you may need at least 15 to 20 employees, along with this, a manager will also be required, who can manage all the people, along with this, two to three suppliers will also be required to supply the goods. Can

Packaging For Bread Making Business

Use good polythene for packaging. With this you can also give your brand name. You can also sell your product under your own name. With this, keep quality maintenance, if the quality is good then people will buy more and more of your products.

Total Cost Of Bread Making Business

If you start this business at home, then for this you will need 20,000 to ₹ 30000, because it will require an oven, along with this money will be needed to buy raw material.

With this, if you start this business on a large scale, then for this you will need at least ₹ 4 to ₹ 500000 because the machines are a bit expensive in it, and you need machines to work on a large scale. It will definitely happen.

Business Benefits Of Bread Making

In India, most bread is used as a breakfast. If you start this business then you can get very good profit. Anyway bread is made by wheat flour, and it does not cause any harm.

If you are starting this business sitting at home, then you can easily earn 20 to ₹ 25000 per month. With this, if you are starting this business on a large scale by setting up a factory, then you can earn 40 to ₹ 45000 per month comfortably.

Marketing For A Bread Making Business

You can do marketing of your product both online and offline. You can print the template online, go to the retail store and ship your product. With this, you can also promote online from place to place.

Risk In The Business Of Making Bread

If seen, you will not have to take any kind of risk in this business, but it can be possible only if you work hard. If you leave laxity in your business, then it can happen, you will have to take risk and you will also suffer loss.


Q.1 How can this business be made profitable?

To make this business profitable, you can learn the process of making bread online, this alone can prove to be very profitable.

Q.2 What is the total cost of bread making business?

To start this business on a small scale, 20 to 30 thousand will be required, but if you start it on a large scale, then you will need lakhs of rupees for this.

Q.3 What is the process for naming a food business?

This involves researching state and federal trademarks, record web domain availability, and social media platforms.

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