Business Tycoon Richa Kar Biography – Story Of Success (Birth, Family, Education, Startup, Networth)

Business Tycoon Richa Kar Biography

Business Tycoon Richa Kar Biography – Richa Kar started a startup that people were embarrassed to hear about and whose own mother felt embarrassed listening to her idea. With the same idea, Richa set up a Rs 700 crore company. Today he is being praised everywhere.

But in the initial days he had to face many difficulties and troubles. He has achieved such a huge company on his own without any support. So people wanted to know about him, his life introduction, in today’s article we will tell you detailed information about Richa Kar.

Richa Kar is the CEO and Founder of Zivame. He has set up this company single-handedly. Richa had to face many difficulties in setting up this company because people’s support and cooperation was necessary to set up this company, but people refused them as soon as they heard the idea of this company. People started feeling ashamed as soon as they heard the idea.

People used to feel embarrassed listening to Richa’s idea. After that, Richa single-handedly started a new startup in India by setting up a company worth 700 crores, which is now being discussed everywhere. In today’s time Richa is a source of inspiration for the youth who find excuses to do anything. They must know about Richa Kar’s success story and her life introduction.

Biography of Richa Kar (Birth, Family, Education, Startup, Networth)

Business Tycoon Richa Kar Biography

nameRicha Kar
date of birth17 July 1980
birth placeJamshedpur Madhya Pradesh
EducationGraduation, MBA
Net Worth700 crores

Birth Introduction of Richa Kar

Riza was born in a middle-class family on 17 July 1980 in Jamshedpur district of Jharkhand. Richa did her early education from the local school there and obtained her MBA degree from NMIMS in the year 2005 and completed her graduation from Birla Institute of Technology and Science.

Richa’s mother used to do housework while her father worked in Tata Steel Company. He was a resident of a normal family of Jharkhand.

Richa Kar Career

Richa worked in the IT sector as a software analyst and then worked as a consultant. During this she realized that girls feel embarrassed while buying their stuff and they are not able to buy their stuff properly.

That’s why he got the idea that why not provide an online platform for girls to buy products and accessories as per their wish, where they can buy any item according to their measurements and their choice.

For some time Richa definitely worked but her focus was on doing business. She was not happy with her job although everything was fine. Still she wanted to leave the job and start her own business because an idea was floating in her mind and she felt that the idea was perfect. Will definitely work one day.

Business Idea

After completing her studies, when Richa was engaged as a consultant, she realized that women feel embarrassed while buying their goods from shops and stores. They buy things without their choice and without their measurements. In this way, she is not able to respect her choice and takes bra without size, due to which she also faces a lot of trouble. Due to their shyness, they are not able to buy the right size and right choice.

Meanwhile, an idea came to Richa’s mind that why not make the goods and products for women and girls available on an online platform. From where they can buy any product and goods as per their choice and size and if they do not like it or the size is not equal then they can also send it back.

Richa had full faith in her idea, but whoever she told the idea to, called Richa wrong because people were ashamed of even taking names like bras and girls’ accessories, how to do any business like this. When Richa told her mother an idea, she was also ashamed to listen to it, but today Richa has set up a company worth Rs 700 crore with the same idea.

After getting this ID in Richa’s mind, Richa went to Ladies showroom and store. There Richa saw that girls and women are not able to take their innerwear and panties etc. according to their excuse. Picks up goods of any size and any quality.

Apart from this, they also feel uncomfortable in taking ladies products and accessories because the stores are crowded, where men are also standing. During this, she goes away with anything without her choice and measurement. To solve this problem, Richa started making efforts to implement this idea.

Success Story Of Richa Kar

Richa had full faith in her idea but what would she do alone, so she told her idea to business people. She took her idea and went to companies and people, where she felt ashamed on hearing the idea. People started telling them wrong because there is not so much intimacy in India yet that women’s undergarments are sold openly in this way according to size and choice.

Beginning of Zivame Startup

Eventually, in the year 2011, Richa started Zivame by borrowing Rs 3,50,000 from her friends and family, but there was no good response in the initial days. After some time the company started growing and after 1 year in 2012 itself the company became a very big company for the first time.

He had also acquired many types of knowledge related to business. He thought of getting into business as all his knowledge and experience and on the basis of his experience stepped into a commerce sector and laid the foundation of Zivame Company, which in no time became one of the top companies in India.

Story of Zivame

As we told you, the idea floating in the mind of Richa Kar was good, but people were ashamed of that idea because it had to openly sell the products of girls and women in detail. That’s why he had to face opposition from his family and everywhere. To whom Richa narrated the idea, all of them shyly refused.

But Richa always insisted on her idea and started implementing that idea herself with support. For this he had to face many incidents and troubles.

Richa has started this company alone, but before starting that company no one used to give their house or room on rent. When the tenant came to know that Richa was going to sell women’s goods here, he refused to give her room and house on rent. Even in this way many problems would arise for Richa.

As Richa told, she noticed that women get nervous while carrying their luggage and products. Overcoming such problems, he started working on his idea and founded Zivame Company. The main objective of Zivame is to help women and all kinds of brands and cheap products are made available for girls in big cities of India.

On the biography platform, Richa made available all the goods and items used for women and girls with full information, size, color, photo and detail. So that girls and women can buy any product and goods according to their choice and measurement. If they do not get the measurement of the purchased goods, then they can send it back. That’s why Zivame platform became so popular.

Zivame Success

Richa has setup her e-commerce website Zivame in such a way that women’s products can be easily accessible to the customers. They can easily buy the product according to the good quality. During this, all kinds of information was made available to them and discounts were also being given to the customers.

Ladies e-commerce platform Zivame is visited by more than 25 million people every month, in which thousands of people buy goods. They keep on buying something or the other all the time. More than 1000 sizes and more than 5000 ranges and more than 50 brands of goods and products are available on the Zivame platform, in which girls and women get all kinds of general products.

In today’s time, all types and all types of color and quality products and accessories are available on Zivame, due to which shopping for women on Zivame has become much easier. Now they can take any product of their choice as per their wish and can buy any item according to their size. Zivame has become very popular due to the facility to send back the goods if the measurements are not fitting properly.

In today’s time where on one hand girls are achieving success in every single field, there are many sectors and topics on which people are feeling embarrassed and girls do not even want to talk about it. At present, many new startups are being started, where hands can be tried. Still people make many excuses and avoid doing anything. They must know about Richa’s success story, which will inspire them.

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Q.1 Who is Richa Kar?

Richa Kar is a well-known businessman, who single-handedly built a company worth Rs 700 crores. Today she is the Founder & CEO of Zivame.

Q.2 Where was Richa Kar born?

Richa Kajal was born on 17 Jul 1980 in Jamshedpur, Madhya Pradesh.

Q.3 What degree has Richa Kar obtained?

Richa Kar holds an MBA degree.

Q.4 Which job did Richa Kar do?

Worked as a consultant at the retail counter.

Q.5 What is the name of Richa’s startup?

Richa’s company name is Zivame.

Q.6 What is the net worth of Richa’s company?

The net worth of Richa’s company is Rs 700 crore.


If you are right, you are doing right then people laugh at you or feel embarrassed, you will surely succeed in that. Richa has shown this thing. For your information, let us tell you that Richa had first told this idea to her mother before starting this company, then Richa’s mother felt embarrassed on hearing this idea, she was ashamed.

After which Richa told this idea to whomever all felt embarrassed and called them wrong. But Richa had full faith in her idea, so started working on it alone. Without any cooperation and support and within a short span of time, he stood as a startup in India and made a company of ₹ 700.

Richa has single-handedly built such a huge company, which has become a part of India’s net worth of Rs 700 crores today. That’s why today everyone wants to know about him. So we have also written this article about Richa Kar’s life introduction to give complete information about her company in detail.

After reading this article completely in detail, you will know the complete information about Richa Kar. We hope you have liked this information. If you have any question, then you can ask by commenting, we will answer the question very soon.

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