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Sundar Pichai Biography

Sundar Pichai Biography – India is one such country. Where always, talented people are born. Those who, on the basis of their ability, have brought laurels to their country not only in India but also in the whole world. They didn’t get this status just like that. For this, he has worked very hard and diligently. Today we will talk about such personality. Who is the CEO of a well-known company all over the world.

     For us Indians, what can be a matter of greater pride than this. That an Indian person has been elected as the CEO of the world’s largest company, Google. After all it is something. We Indians are the reason why the world is so fond of us.

       Thirst is not quenched by licking the dew. Similarly to achieve something big. Some big effort has to be made. This is the difference between Sundar Pichai and all of us. He works in Google. That’s what we work on at Google. Means they work for Google. We google for work.

       You hardly know this thing. That in 2014, Microsoft wanted to make Sundar Pichai its third CEO. But at that time Pichai was already working in Google. It was expected that he would accept the offer from Microsoft. Because Sundar Pichai himself did not like Google so much. As much as he probably liked Microsoft.

       Even once, a friend of his own wanted to join Google. Then Sundar Pichai convinced him not to join Google. But despite knowing all this. Why google promised to give stock worth ₹370 crore every year to stop Pichai.

Sundar Pichai – CEO Google  Ek Nazar
Real NamePichai Sundar Rajan
SurnameSundar Pichai
Date of Birth10 June 1972
Birth PlaceMadurai, Tamil Nadu, India
FatherRaghunath Pichai (electrical engineer)
MotherLakshmi Pichai (stenographer)
School● Jawahar Vidyalaya Ashok Nagar, Chennai ● Vana Vani School, Chennai
College●IIT Kharagpur, West Bengal ●Stanford University, California ●Wharton School of University, Pennsylvania
Educational Qualification◆B. Tech (Metallurgical Engineering) ◆M. S (Material Sciences Engineering) ◆MBA
NationalityAmerican of Indian origin
BusinessCEO of Alphabet and Google
AchievementsGoogle Drive Google Chrome Web Browser Chrome OS Gmail App Google Video Codecs
AffairAnjali Pichai (Chemical Engineer)
MarriageAnjali Pichai
ChildrenKiran Pichai (son) Kavya Pichai (daughter)
AwardPadma Bhushan (Trade and Industry) 2022
Income / Salary₹6 crore per day ₹103 crore per month (as of 2020)
Net-Worth$2.2 billion

Early Life of Sundar Pichai

Sundar Pichai was born on 10 June 1972 in Madurai, Tamil Nadu. He belongs to a middle class family. His father Raghunath Pichai was a junior electrical engineer by profession. His mother Lakshmi Pichai was a stenographer. He had a connection with science since childhood. Because of his father being an electrical engineer. Every day after coming home, he used to brief Pichai about his work.

       He lived in a small two room house. Out of which his whole family used to live in one room. The same second room was taken on rent. He was very interested in cricket and football since childhood. That is why today he is a big fan of Sachin Tendulkar and Lionel Messi. Pichai was very smart in studies. But he was counted among very quiet children. Because of which it did not come in the eyes of anyone.

       When he was 12 years old. Then his father brought a phone to the house. This phone was the first technical thing related to his life. Before this there was neither TV, nor fridge nor any other electronic gadgets in his house. Their biggest specialty is their mental strength. Whichever number they used to dial once. He never forgets. Even today he remembers those numbers. In fact, they can remember any number of numbers except phone numbers.

Sundar Pichai Education

Sundar Pichai did his early education from Jawahar Vidyalaya in Chennai. He passed his 10th examination from here. Thereafter, he moved to Vana Vani School, Chennai to pursue his 12th standard. He had so much passion in studies. That after school, in which auto used to come. Used to study something or the other in that too. Apart from this, it was brought by his father. Used to inspect the electrical components as well.

       It was from here that he decided that he would do engineering in the future. For this, he started preparing for JEE exam. IIT JEE exam in India is one of the toughest exam in the world. He cleared it on the basis of his hard work. As a result of which he got admission in IIT Kharagpur. He did B.Tech in Metallurgical Engineering from IIT Kharagpur.

     During this, he was also awarded the Silver Medal in IIT Kharagpur. After this, he took admission for post graduation in Stanford University, USA. He was sitting on a plane for the first time to go to America. The economic condition of his family was not like this. So that it can avail such facilities.

      His family may have faced financial problems. But for the education of children, parents should always be ready. Google founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page completed their PhD from this Stanford University. After this, in 2002, he completed his MBA from Wharton School of University, Pennsylvania, USA.

Career of Sundar Pichai

Sundar Pichai started his career with McKinsey & Company. After this, on 1 April 2004, he gave his interview in Google. On the same day, Google launched the testing version of Gmail. At the beginning of the interview, when he was asked about Gmail, his thoughts and ideas. So Sundar Pichai could not tell them anything. Then they felt that today is the first of April. Maybe he is playing an April Fool’s game with them.

       But when another member of that panel gave him Gmail to use. Then he openly shared his views and ideas. The interview panel liked his ideas very much. Because of which, he was hired. His initial work at Google was related to the google toolbar search engine. To search at that time, Google was a default option in the toolbar within Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.

   But it has come in everyone’s eyes only then. When he said that one day Microsoft will develop its own search engine. Will set the default in Internet Explorer. Then such a situation may arise. When Google is removed from there, permanently. That’s why we should be aware beforehand. So that later, if anything like that happens. So we were prepared for this in advance.

Sundar Pichai’s Love Story, Wife And Family

Sundar Pichai in 1989, when he was doing engineering at IIT Kharagpur. In the same year a girl Anjali Haryani also took admission in chemical engineering. Who belonged to Kota Rajasthan. Both of them were very good in studies. Both of them had some common classes in the engineering college. Where they met. This is where their friendship started.

        Sundar Pichai which used to be the intro word. He used to call Anjali in front of Sarojini Naidu Girls Hostel. That’s why in 1989, Anjali and her college love story became popular. Gradually, their love story grew to such an extent. That whenever Sundar Pichai reached around the girls hostel. Till someone used to inform Anjali by becoming a messenger. Sunder ji had a lot of craze for studies. For which, he applied to Standfort University. Where he got admission.

    Sundar Pichai moved to Standfort, for further studies. It was the time of 90’s. It was not possible for both to make an ISD call. That’s why they both didn’t talk to each other for a long time. But as soon as Sundar Pichai got his first job. He talked about marriage with Anjali’s father. Then both of them got married. Anjali is today the Business Operation Manager at Intuit Company. They have two children. Son’s name is Kiran Pichai and daughter’s name is Kavya Pichai.

Sundar Pichai Saved Google From Ruin

18 October 2006 was that day. When Microsoft ruined Google overnight. Actually, it was like that. During 2006, when Internet Explorer used to be the most famous web browser. Then Microsoft removed Google overnight and made Bing the default search engine of Internet Explorer. Because of this, google had lost around 300 million customers in a single night.

     A research should be considered. So it would be absolutely correct to say. That maybe today we don’t even know google. Had Sundar Pichai not been Google at that time. When he was still working on Google’s toolbar. Only then after depanelizing the market, he realized this. That in fact in the world, 90% people are using windows operating system. Then if someday Microsoft made some changes.

        If Microsoft comes up with its own creation then google may have to face huge losses. So he told this to the then Google CEO Eric Smith and founder Larry Page. As a solution, he advised Google to make its own web browser. But at that time, no one paid any heed to Sundar Pichai. But after some time, his words came true.

    On October 18, 2006, when Microsoft made Bing the default search engine. Then seeing such a waste of theirs, Eric Smith and Larry Page were shocked. Then he remembered Sundar Pichai. Immediately Sundar Pichai was called. Then the Google team and Sundar Pichai together, as a quick solution, launched the Google Toolbar.

    So that users using Internet Explorer would have an option. He could have made google his default search engine human again. Now with the help of this toolbar, google has lost 80% of its customers. got it back again. But by then Larry Page and Eric Smith had understood the value of this Indian boy.

Sundar Pichai’s Contribution To Google.

Sundar Pichai had created a new identity for himself in Google. After this, Sundar Pichai, together with the Google team, started working on a web browser of his own. They knew very well that Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox have set their feet in the market. So to compete with them, one has to achieve something big. That’s why he used to do sprint planning with his employee.

    In which their monthly, weekly and daily targets and goals were set. So that none of the players of his team work indiscriminately. Along with this, he used to take care of this also. That the personal goals of their employees are also achieved. Because of which his entire team worked with a lot of dedication. After this in 2008, Google Chrome Browser was launched in the market.

   Chrome spread its fire as soon as it was launched in the market. So in a few days, it became the number 1 most used browser in the world. Which had left the giants like Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox far behind. Discussions of Sundar Pichai’s exploits were now happening all over the world. Now market leaders all over the world, including Google, knew this. That a maharathi genius has come from India in the market. Which has shaken the whole internet world.

Promotion of Sundar Pichai In Google

After the grand success of Sundar Pichai, in 2008 Google was promoted to the post of Vice President of Development. But Sundar Pichai did not stop here either. He kept improving himself and his skills continuously. As a result of which, he made many products of google successful. Drowning took google to the heights of the sky.

      Seeing this, Google made him senior vice president in 2012. After 1 year of this, he was asked to lead the android game as well. Because everyone was convinced. That by picking them up from the way, give them any product. This will also make him number one at the global level. Something also happened that the Android app which was rejected by a big company like Nokia in the initial days.

      Sundar Pichai brought the same Android OS to more than 5 billion people at a very low cost. Seeing this, Android OS started spreading all over the world. So today, Android OS has arrived in all of your mobiles. All his credit goes to Sundar Pichai. Who showed his intelligence by setting another new record in the whole world.

  It was really a grand success for Google. Seeing this, Google gave Sundar Pichai the post of Head of Product in 2014. Now by this time, Sundar Pichai had become famous in every big company of the world. Many big companies were so impressed by his ability. That she wanted to make them a part of her company.

Sundar Pichai Offered To Become CEO of Microsoft

Twitter directly offered Sundar Pichai the role of CEO. A few days later, the most shocking thing happened. That Sundar Pichai was also being approached from Microsoft to make him CEO. When Google came to know about what. So google started feeling very insecure.

       Google was now largely dependent on Sundar Pichai. Then google understood the need of the market. Sundar Pichai was made the CEO of google in 2015. With this new responsibility, Sundar Pichai also had to face many new challenges and problems. A case was filed against google in the government of some countries. That he is violating the security.

  For this, Sundar Pichai had to face courtroom setbacks as CEO. But he handled the court case wisely. They didn’t let any fire come on google. Along with this, he successfully established many revolutionary projects like Artificial Intelligence and self driven car. So that there is more growth in the success rate of google. Because of which, he was also made the CEO of Google’s parent company Alphabet.

Sundar Pichai Salary, Income & Net-worth

Looking back at Sundar Pichai’s contribution to Google. Today Google gives them a generous salary. According to a Times Now report, Sundar Pichai is paid ₹6 crore per day. He is paid a salary of $ 18 million per month i.e. approximately ₹ 103 crore per month. Which includes him in the list of world’s most expensive and highest paid CEO. Sundar Pichai’s net-worth as per 2022 is $1.3 billion i.e. around ₹96 billion.

       Sundar Pichai has to say in this context. Whether you are doing job or doing business. If you have the ability to do your work at an extraordinary level. So nothing can stop you from reaching the pinnacle of success in this world. Because this world appreciates that. Inside which has the ability to do something.

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