Desi Kadha Recipe – Try This Home Remedy To Get Rid Of Mucus In The Throat, You Will See The Difference Immediately

Desi Kadha Recipe for Cough Se Rahat ke Liye: Having cold and cough in the winter season is troubling. During this, there is a problem of mucus accumulation in many people. In such a situation, difficulty in breathing is a common symptom. To get rid of this, most people resort to medicines. But if you want to adopt home remedies, then you can adopt a home remedy to deal with phlegm. Experts have also told about this home remedy, which will get rid of phlegm and lungs will also remain healthy.

How To Make Decoction To Get Relief From Phlegm

The accumulation of mucus in the body is very disturbing. However, it can be relieved with the help of medicines. Along with this, there is some such Ayurvedic recipe which you can get relief by adopting.

To make it you need…

– Jaggery

– Onion

– Turmeric

– black pepper

How To Make

To make this, put all the things in water and keep them for boiling. Cook it for at least 3 minutes and then cook it on low flame as well. Then drink it. Drink it sip by sip.

Keep in mind – it is not necessary that you get relief from drinking it. In such a situation, if you get it by drinking this decoction, then only drink it.

Disclaimer: This is not a substitute for qualified medical opinion for a problem like cough. In this case, always consult a doctor.

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