Small Investment Business – How To Start Perfume Making Business?

Perfume Manufacturing Business

Perfume Manufacturing Business: Friends, often while going to a wedding party or any other function, people do not forget to put perfume in their clothes. Perfume is used by people of all classes. There are many types of perfumes available in the market. People use perfume in different ways.

Some take it to remove bad smell from the body and some take it to smell it. Perfume business is a profitable business. If you have information about perfume or want to start this type of business, then you must read this article.

In today’s article, how should we start the business of making perfume? What to do to start perfume business? How much investment is required to start perfume business? In this article, you will get to know how much profit you will make through this business. That’s why you read this article till the end.

How to start perfume making business?

Nowadays people like perfume as a hobby. This business also grows very quickly. You must have a place to start perfume business because there are many machines for making and packing it. First of all, perfume making machine has to be bought from the market. After this buy the raw material used in perfume.

Flowers also have a special contribution in making perfume. You can start the business of making perfume by buying flowers in the wholesale market. Perfume is made, now it is the turn of its packing. There are many such companies which are known for their branded packing.

You can buy a packing machine from the market, in which perfume can be filled and sold in the market. If you grow the perfume business, you can earn more profit.

Market Research for Perfume Making Business

Talking about perfume, it is such a product, whose demand always remains in the market. When the wedding, party season comes then its demand increases more. Many types of perfumes are famous in our country. To start the perfume business, first of all you have to sell in the local market.

If the smell of perfume is good then people buy it immediately. There are many people who buy many pieces of perfume together. You have been able to supply perfume to the shopkeeper in whole sale. You can also grow the perfume business through online medium.

types of perfume

There are many types of perfume which are as follows

yo day perfume


yo de cologne


In Hindi it means pure perfume. Such perfumes have maximum fragrance because of the low alcohol content in it. This type of perfume is mostly used by those people whose skin is more sensitive. Eau de Parfum contains from 16% to 42% fragrance. Its cost is high as compared to other perfumes. It takes at least 8 to 10 hours to make this type of pratham.

yo day parfum

If we talk about this type of fragrance, then it is less than perfume, its fragrance is also less in comparison to it. If we talk about its fragrance, then it lasts for 2 to 3 hours.

yo de cologne

This type of perfume has the least fragrance. But it is the cheapest as compared to other perfumes. Most alcohol is found in it. Its smell does not last long.

Which perfumes are sold in India

Although there are many types of perfume companies in the market of India, which make and sell perfumes, but there are some companies whose perfumes are in high demand, this is the following

• davidoff

• Escoda

• blueberry

• Gucci

• Calvin Klein

Raw material for perfume making business

Many types of raw materials are required to make perfume. You can buy this raw material in wholesale from your nearby market. If you do not get offline raw material, then you can take the help of internet. There are many companies that provide raw material for making perfumes. You can buy by contacting them.

Sometimes you get raw material at a slightly higher price online than offline. With this, the perfume making machine will have to be bought from the market. Many types of substances are used to make perfume, which are as follows

• Flower

• Liquor

• animal matter

• Chemicals


Flowers have a special contribution to make Pratham, juice is extracted from flowers, 15% to 30% of flower juice is added to the perfume bottle. Along with flowers, grass, spices, fruits, wood, coal and coal tar, leaves are also used.


Alcohol is used in almost all types of perfumes, in some its quantity is less and in some it is kept more.

animal matter

Animal secretions are also needed to make perfume. It is used as a fixative. With the help of which all the things put in the perfume stick together and it also evaporates the perfume.


It is also called synthetic chemical, it is used to prepare artificial plants and flower juice. There are many species of flowers from which oil does not come out, artificial chemicals are used from such flowers.

perfume making machine and its price

Machine is needed to make perfume, there are machines according to the capacity in the market, if you buy a machine with more capacity, then you will have to pay more money. The same low capacity machine is available at a low price, it depends on you how much buget you have.

After making perfume, it is time to fill the perfume, so for this also you need a machine, there are many types of machines.

How is perfume made?

There are many steps in making perfume which are as follows

• material

In this step, whatever flower you want to make perfume, you have to buy it from the market. For example, if you want to make rose perfume, then you have to buy rose flowers from the market.

• Extraction method

In this method, their juice is extracted from flowers or trees. Many types of methods are used to extract oil from flowers.

solvent process

In this step the flowers are put inside a large tank, on top of which petroleum ether is poured so that the flowers mix in it.


The perfume is scented only after aging, when its right aroma is found, then your perfume is ready, if the same perfume is not found, then it is again sent for the bleeding process. When the perfume is ready, its quality is checked, if it is correct, then you can sell it in the market.

how to pack perfume

After making the perfume, it has to be filled in bottles. You have to contact a company for the bottle. You can get the bottle made by contacting the company. Make the bottle design attractive. With this, there is a possibility of your getting more cells.

License and registration for perfume manufacturing business

Before starting the perfume business, you have to register your company. For this, it is necessary that the name of your company should be very attractive because if your name is attractive and unique, then soon people can remember it.

Before registering the company, you have to decide whether your company is Solo, Partnership or Limited. You can take the help of a legal advisor about this, he will give information about it.

Staff for perfume making business

To start perfume business, you need such staff who have knowledge about perfume making. That’s why it is necessary that you select those people who have knowledge about making perfume.

Marketing for Perfume Making Business

Marketing is essential for any business to grow. Through marketing, you can take your company to the top in the market. There are many ways to do marketing these days.

online marketing

You can take the help of many websites to sell perfume online, there are many such websites available on the Internet, you can list your product on these companies and bring them to sale.

marketing through offline

To do business in this way, you have to go to famous perfume shops and give perfume. If people like your made perfume, then you can grow in the market very soon. Apart from this, perfume can also be sold in whole sale.

Earning from perfume business

If we talk about earning from this business, then it largely depends on the smell of your product. Talking about earning from perfume business, you can easily earn around 1 lakh to 2 lakh rupees a month through this.


How much money needs to be invested to start perfume business?

To start perfume business, you have to invest at least 5 to 6 lakh rupees.

Who can do perfume business?

Any person can do perfume business. Yes, you should know about it.

Is The Perfume Business Lifetime?

Yes, for this you have to brand the company. If your company grows once, then its demand increases a lot in the market.

What are the precautions to be taken in perfume business?

For your information, let us tell you that perfume catches fire very quickly, so take special care of it.


Friends, in today’s article, we have told you how to start perfume manufacturing business? (Perfume Manufacturing Business in Hindi), what needs to be done to start a business. In this article, you have been told how much profit can be earned from the perfume business. I hope this article will be useful for you.


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