Gym Business – Gym Business Complete Information – How To Start Gym Business?

Gym Business

Today’s new generation is very conscious about their health and that is the reason why their trend is increasing towards gym. People spend thousands of rupees every month for their fitness, in such a situation the demand for gym is increasing day by day. The best thing about gym business is that once you invest, it can generate good returns for many years. These days people are earning money by opening gyms in small places and if you also have a craze for fitness and you also want to open a gym, then let us tell you how you can start a gym business and what you need to do for it. Will happen.

What Kind Of Gym To Open

Let us tell you that there are two types of gyms, the first one which has facilities for weight lifting and cardio equipment etc. In this, training is given to make body, lose weight etc. Second is fitness center, in this yoga, aerobics, weight loss, weight gain, martial arts, asanas etc. are taught, the business of fitness center is little expensive as compared to gym.

Must Be Trained

If you want to open a gym then it is very important for you to be trained. By the way, if you are not trained yourself, then you can keep a trainer or coach in your gym, but give priority to an experienced person for a trainer or coach.

How To Register Gym

Let us tell you that the registration of the gym is done under the small scale industry, for this the form has to be taken from the industry department of the district. By filling and submitting this form, you get the license to open a gym. Initially you will be given a temporary license by the Industries Department, later you can apply for a permanent license as well. Nowadays there is also a system of online application for registration.

Place Selection

The selection of the place is most important for opening a fitness center or gym. It is not necessary that you open it at a prime location only, if you want, you can open it at a small place as well, but keep in mind that wherever you are opening the gym, there must be parking facility for the visitors. To open a gym, you have to take a plot of 2000 to 2500 square feet, but if your budget is low, then you can open it in less space. Whereas, you can start the gym on any floor.

mMachines Needed

To open a normal gym, you will need at least fifteen types of machines. Machines required include bench press, tread mill, leg press, butter fly, lat pull down, pack deck, dip bar, cable cross over, preacher bench, situp bench, two normal benches, skipping rope, yoga mat, Rod, dumbbell, stand etc. The most expensive of these machines is the trade mill, its cost is around one lakh rupees. Apart from this, you will have to buy some items of light, music system, AC and interior decoration.

How To Promote Gym

The income of the gym depends only on the customers coming there and for this you have to promote the gym and give information about the gym. For this, you can get hoardings installed at prominent places in that area. Apart from this, you can also get publicity done on social media. Can campaign through local news channels and newspapers.

Monthly Gym Expenses

You will have to spend at least Rs 70,000 a month to open a gym. This will include house rent, electricity bill, expenditure on machinery, salary of trainer and other staff etc. If you are a trainer yourself then you can save some money.

Income and Fee Information

Usually the gym fees are ten thousand rupees per month. According to this, if at least two hundred people regularly come to your gym, then you will earn two lakh rupees from the fees. On the other hand, if you remove the minor expenses, then you will have an income of at least one lakh rupees every month. Your earning will increase after the cost of purchased machines is taken out.

Keep These Things In Mind

  • The person coming to the gym must ask for a health certificate from a recognized doctor or hospital. If any customer has any health related problem then he will not be able to claim on you.
  • If you are doing business of supplements along with gym, then sell only quality products, otherwise your credibility may get affected.

If you are interested in opening a gym, then just start paying attention to these things from today. If you like this information then stay connected with us. Keep reading Harzindagi for more such insights.


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