India Healthy Breakfast Recipes – Healthiest Breakfast From States Of India

India Healthy Breakfast Recipes

Everyone is a little early in the morning. Some have to go to office, some to school and college. In such a situation, it can be difficult to make a healthy breakfast in the morning in a short time. So, here we are giving some tips, which can be useful in making healthy breakfast in the morning.

  • If you want to prepare a quick breakfast in the morning, then think about it at night itself, what will be the healthy breakfast in the morning.
  • Decide the breakfast menu keeping in mind the health condition of you and your family.
  • Disassemble one menu for each day.
  • After this, check all the ingredients used in breakfast whether they are available in the kitchen or not.
  • If any material is less or not available, then any alternative material can also be used in its place.
  • If you want to use any vegetable in the morning breakfast, then wash and cut that vegetable at night and store it in the fridge.
  • Knead the dough of roti-paratha with vegetables overnight and store it in the fridge.
  • By doing this, you will have to wake up in the morning and prepare it by washing it once, adding spices and other ingredients to it.
  • After this, you can make healthy breakfast for adults and children in the morning.
  • Keep in mind that vegetables with a strong smell like onions should not be cut and stored beforehand. Always cut and use them while making breakfast.

Healthy Breakfast: Healthiest Breakfast From States Of India

To make a healthy breakfast in the morning, in this part, you will also read about oil free breakfast recipes in Hindi and delicious dishes that can be made quickly. Here are 15 delicious recipes for making healthy breakfast in the morning for adults and children. The recipes mentioned are related to the culture of different regions like – UP, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Kashmir and Madhya Pradesh. So read healthy recipes to make quick breakfast.

Girda Roti with Noon Chai, Kashmir

If you want to try something different from black tea, green tea or milk tea, then this Kashmiri style Noon Chai recipe can be a healthy morning breakfast. To enhance the taste of this Noon Chai even more, you can serve Girda Roti along with it. The special thing about Kashmiri Noon Chai is that green tea and baking soda are used to make it. Not only this, it can be included in oil free breakfast recipes.

Ingredients for Noon Tea:

  • 4 teaspoons green tea
  • pinch of baking soda
  • half teaspoon salt
  • 2 cardamom or a pinch of cardamom powder
  • 2 cups milk
  • 2 cups water

Ingredients for Girda Roti:

  • 3 cups all purpose flour or whole wheat flour instead
  • 1 teaspoon instant yeast (available in the market and online)
  • ghee as needed
  • half cup lukewarm water
  • 1 teaspoon curd
  • pinch of salt
  • half teaspoon sugar
  • pinch of baking soda
  • 1/2 cup milk

Method to make Noon Tea:

  • Pour water in a pan and boil it.
  • When it starts boiling, add green tea and boil for 1 more minute.
  • Then add baking soda to it.
  • After mixing it well, add cardamom powder to it.
  • When the color of the tea starts changing and the smell of cardamom starts coming, reduce the flame and add milk to it.
  • Keep in mind that after adding milk, keep mixing it.
  • The color of the tea may turn pink if milk is added.
  • When it boils, add salt to it.
  • Now turn off the gas and strain the tea in a cup to drink.

Method for making Girda Roti:

In a bowl add all purpose flour, baking soda, sugar and salt and mix well.

If you want to make the dish healthy, you can take maida and flour in equal quantity.

Then mix curd and ghee in it and knead soft dough.

After this add yeast water to it.

If desired, you can add yeast water while mixing all the ingredients and knead it.

When the kneaded dough is ready, keep it covered for some time, so that the dough swells.

Then knead the puffed dough once more and make rotis by making a dough out of it.

Now put a griddle on the gas and after the griddle is hot, bake the rotis till they turn brown.

After this, apply a little milk on both the sides of the rotis and bake them.

Kashmiri Girda Roti is ready, include it in morning breakfast with Noon Chai.


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