Home remedies mean those effective remedies, which people have been trying for a long time. You can understand it in such a way that when you do not have medicine available at the same time for minor ailments, then these home remedies work very effectively. Actually, home remedies do not have any side effects and the things used in them are available in your home only. Here in India, people use only home remedies for many common problems and take the help of herbs, spices, fruits and vegetables and oils etc. for them.

10 Best common home remedies

1. (Home Remedies for Sneezing)

2. (Home Remedies for Thyroid Hypothyroidism)

3. (Home Remedies for Toothache)

4. (Home Remedies for Constipation)

5.(Home Remedies For Asthma)

6 ( Home Remedies for Gas and Acidity)

7. (home remedies for oily skin)

8. (home remedies for hair fall and regrowth in hindi)

9. (home remedies for immunity)

10.(home remedies for dry cough)

Common Things Used In Home Remedies

  • (benefits of turmeric )
  • (benefits of honey)
  • (benefits of neem)
  • (benefits of peppermint )
  • (benefits of tulsi )
  • (black salt benefits )
  • (ajwain benefits)
  • (cloves benefits)
  • (coconut oil benefits )
  • (mustard oil benefits i)
  • (fennel seeds benefits and side effects)
  • (cumin seeds benefits and side effects)
  •   (benefits of cinnamon )
  • (benefits of hing )
  • (benefits of camphor)
  • (ashwagandha benefits)
  • (mulethi benefits )
  • (benefits of giloy )
  • (ginger benefits )
  • (lemon benefits )
  • (sugar remedy for hiccups)
  • (Cardamom Benefits)
  • (fenugreek seeds benefits )
  • (hibiscus leaves for diabetes )
  • (garlic benefits for cholesterol)
  •   (curd for face and hair)
  • (egg for hair growth)

Learn about these home remedies / home remedies being adopted for years and use them. Also keep in mind that home remedies are used not only for diseases but also for good health. Home remedies (Dadima Ke Ayurvedic Nuskhe For Face) are adopted from skin care to hair care. In this category of Only My Health, you will read about all these things.


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