How Medicine is Made – How to Start Wholesale Business of Medicine

How to Start Wholesale Business of Medicine

How to Start Wholesale Business of Medicine – Are you looking for what to do next after completing diploma in pharmacy? Have you studied well in the field of Medical and now want to open a business of your own? Did you earlier work at a Medical Shop but now you want to open your own Medical Shop? Then you are right place.

Medicine Kaise Banti Hai – Medicine Ka Wholesale Business Kaise Kare

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With the help of this article, today we will tell you how medicine is made and how to start Wholesale Business of Medicine.

With the help of this article, we will give you all the information that is necessary to open a Medical Store, as well as we will give complete information about loan, location, license to open your shop.

How is Medicine Made

Preparation of medicine begins with Chemical Ingredients, we also know these Ingredients by the name of Active Pharmaceutical (Pharmaceutical) Ingredients.

These Active Ingredients are first grinded very finely and while grinding them, many other chemicals are added to them, which further destroy the cells that spoil our body.

All these mixed chemicals are then later enlarged and given the form of tablets with the help of big machines. After this there are many tests of these tablets like: Quality Test, Hygiene Test, In-Body Experiments etc.

Whenever a sample of a batch passes all these tests, only then the entire batch is sent for delivery, otherwise the medicines of the entire batch are sent again for production.

Information About Medicine

The batch of medicines which pass all these tests are then delivered to those companies according to the orders of different companies.

Those companies pack these medicines on their own and then reach the wholesalers, franchisees, dealers etc. available in the market. And this is where their margins are already fixed. After this, these medicines are delivered to the normal consumer before it expires.

The medicines whose leaf expires without being sold, are sent back to the factory again and after testing all those medicines again, if they are correct, then they are sent to the consumer for use, otherwise those medicines And is used to make potent medicines.

How to do Wholesale Business of Medicine

Doing business of medicine can prove to be very beneficial because many times some new companies coming in the market give margin rate ranging from 40% to 65%, about which the common citizens do not have that much information, but as many as the wholesaler and distributor are there. Take advantage of a lot.

To start the wholesale business of medicine, you have to start this business by taking care of many things like:

  • Business location
  • Business cost
  • License for Business
  • Loan for Business
  • How to do business marketing
  • Sulekha
  • justdial
  • My Business
  • India Mart
  • facebook
  • Linked In
  • Instagram
  • Twitter

How to do Medicine Business

To start the wholesale business of medicine, first of all you have to get a good location and open shutter shop so that when many customers come to the counter, they do not have to stand in line and fulfill the need of medicines of many people as soon as possible. Get it

After this, to open this shop, check such a location where either a hospital is available or where no medical shop is available for many kilometers, in such a situation, you can earn a lot of profit for many salons, as well as if your wholesale shop If there is a little silence, then it will be easier for the rest of the retailers to get medicines due to less crowd from your shop.

After this you need some important documents given below to start your business like:

  • GST
  • msme
  • Gumasta Shop License
  • Birth Certificate
  • Address Certificate
  • Passport Size Photograph
  • Business Template with Signature
  • Educational Qualification Certificate
  • Experience Certificate or Appointment Letter of Eligible Person

We have already written a separate article for how to get all these documents, you can read these articles by clicking on these links to read in detail.

How to Make Medical Store License

Before opening any kind of drugs or food business, you have to take a necessary license for your shop, otherwise, due to proof of any kind of purity of the goods sold by you, you will have to pay a few years in jail and you will have to pay fine. Gage can.

Similarly, for the license of your medical store, first of all you must have a certificate of D.Pharma, B. Pharma, M.Pharma, only after that you can apply for it.

If you know how to run a computer, then you can apply this form for your business with the help of the button given below. If you do not know how to use it, then you can go to any Cyber Cafe near you and apply for it.

App for Medicine Information


Q.1 Full Form of Medicine Me Mg

The full form of Mg is Milli Gram.

Q.2 Medicine Me HS Ka Matlab

HS in medicine means At Bedtime (before sleeping).

Q.3 Medicine Me IP Ka Matlab

In medicine, IP stands for Indian Pharmacopeia.

Q.4 Medicine Me OD Ka Matlab

OD in medicine means once a day.


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