How To Do Hotel Business – Type of Hotel, How to Get License, How Much Money It Will Cost Full Details

How To Do Hotel Business

In today’s time, the hotel business has failed a lot and in every state of India, you get to see small-big and many types of hotels. Nowadays, many types of tourists come, some come only for a day or two, and some for a longer time, in such a situation, they are given the best arrangement for stay and food by the hotel. The hotel earns good money by providing these services.

In this post, you will know how you can start your hotel business, how much it can cost, the types of hotels and how much profit you can earn. If you also want to start business by opening your own hotel, then read this post in detail.

What is The Full Form of Hotel

The full form of the hotel is “House Of Table Eating and Living” which in Hindi means “House of Table Eating and Living” which means a house where there is arrangement for eating while sitting on the table and there is a place or room to stay.

How Many Types of Hotels Are There

There are many types of hotels in our country, some are small and some are big, some have good services and some have normal ones. In this way the hotel is divided into some categories which are as follows:

Heritage Hotel

Such hotels are mainly in states like Delhi, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. This hotel is a symbol of India’s old glory, culture and grandeur. Such hotels are mostly old havelis and palaces.

Luxury and Star Hotels

These types of hotels are equipped with world class services, infrastructure and all kinds of facilities. These hotels provide this kind of environment to their customers with better food and a better room which is full of all kinds of facilities. The prices of such hotels are also high. There are also 5 star and 7 star hotels in India.


It is beneficial to spend time in resorts for solitude and roaming during the holidays. Most of the resorts in India are found in hill stations and seaside towns.

Normal Budget Hotel

You get to see budget hotels in every state and most cities of India. Those people who do not have much money or those who go out for outing, whose budget is little less, such hotels are for those people. In this also you get many types of facilities.

How Much Does it Cost to Build a Hotel

How much money does it take to build a hotel: The cost of the hotel will depend on the location at which you want to open your hotel, what kind of hotel to open, these things are also important. It may take you 8 to 10 lakh rupees to open a hotel. At the same time, you can get a luxurious hotel built at a higher cost.

How to do Hotel Business

How to do hotel business: Hotel business has failed a lot in today’s time and now you can see hotels in every state and city of India. If you want to earn good money from the hotel, then choose that city which is a tourist place where travelers, foreigners and tourists keep coming. In this situation, you can earn very well from the hotel.

To start a hotel business, you must have land, employees, marketing and a lot of money, only then you will be able to do business by building a hotel with a good location and better facilities.

To do hotel business, first of all you need to have some place or shop in which you can make your hotel. What kind of hotel you want to make, how much investment you can make for your hotel business, these things are also important.

Apart from this, it is also necessary to take many types of registration and permits (building permit, fire safety permit, FSSAI food registration, GST registration, business registration, police license) to do hotel business, otherwise your hotel is considered illegal.

To make your business successful and to survive for a long time, follow all kinds of legal rules and get full recognition. Apart from this, by taking your hotel to the online platform, promoting and marketing it, you can get more customers and earn more money.

Also keep license, employee and GST number for hotel business so that there is no problem in your hotel. You should make good arrangements for accommodation and food in your hotel so that your customers can enjoy a better facility.

How to Get Hotel License

To start the hotel business, you need many types of permits and registrations, which you obtain from different departments.

After getting all the registration and permits, you need a license. For the license you have to take the permission of Municipal Corporation and Municipal Corporation.

What is The Difference Between Hotel And Restaurant

There is a lot of difference between hotel and restaurant. In the hotel, you also get room to stay, food to eat, room service, AC and TV facility in the room, whereas in the restaurant you get only food items. Means it is like dhabo but better than them.

Hotel Ka Business – FAQs 

Q.1 Where to get hotel license

For the license of the hotel, it is necessary to take the permission of the Municipal Corporation and the Municipal Corporation.

Q.2 What is the service in hotel business?

There are many facilities and services like room, food arrangement, let-bath, TV, AC and room service etc. to stay in the hotel.

Q.3 How much profit is made in the hotel business?

It is a bit difficult to estimate the profit from hotel business because there can be some loss as well as profit in this business. But if one thing is to be believed then lakhs of rupees can also be earned from hotel business.


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