Amid Fears of A New Wave of Covid, Experts Said, There Is No Need For The Fourth Dose of The Vaccine


COVID VACCINATION – Amid apprehensions of a new wave of Kovid-19 in India, experts have said that there is no need to give the fourth dose of vaccine to the people in the country. Tell that many people who have got both the vaccines against Covid and have completed the vaccination have not taken even a single precautionary dose till now. Experts say it needs a structured and systematic response. After the rapid spread of infection in China, Covid is once again on the radar and people are worried about the possibility of another wave of infection in India.

‘Most of the people in the country have not received the third dose’

Some scientists are asking to test the situation on the ground whether the government should allow a second precautionary dose to increase the safety of the two vaccines. He said that it is not right to give the fourth dose of anti-covid vaccine at this time because most of the people in the country have not yet received the third dose and on the utility of giving the currently used vaccine as a second precautionary dose. No data available. Also, in India, a large number of people have been exposed to the virus and have been vaccinated, so the situation is quite different.

‘It is difficult to predict India from China’s situation’

Satyajit Rath, who teaches at the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER) Pune, said, “There is no reason to expect that the situation in China will predict India’s future.” The situation in China is especially because of the zero-covid policies being adopted by the country for almost 3 years. In China, thousands of cases are being reported daily in the last few weeks. The Union Health Ministry said that on Wednesday, India recorded 188 new cases of coronavirus infection with a daily infection rate of 0.14 percent and a weekly infection rate of 0.18 percent.

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‘Virus is spreading so new variants are coming’

Rath said, “The Indian situation is quite different with widespread actual infection in addition to vaccination. And the Covid virus is finally spreading and therefore mutating in communities around the world, not just in China, so new variants are emerging everywhere,” said immunologist Vinita Bal from IISER Pune. Omicron wave came to India about a year back. If there is not enough Omicron immunity due to this infection, then none of the vaccines currently available in India will provide further protection.

‘Next 40 days are going to be very important’

Explain that the government warned on Wednesday that the next 40 days would be crucial as India could see a surge in Covid in January. Immunologist Gagandeep Kang also tweeted last week to dismiss the possibility of a big jump in new cases of infection in India. Professor Kand at the Christian Medical College, Vellore had tweeted, ‘India is doing fine at the moment. We’ve had a few cases, we’ve had XBB and BF.7 for a while and they haven’t led to a significant spike in cases in India. In the absence of a more contagious variant, I do not expect a boom.

Extra dose is being given in America and Britain

Tell that countries like America and Britain are giving third and fourth booster dose to the vaccinated people as well as extra dose to the people who are unable to have immunity. According to government data, around 22.35 crore preventive doses have been administered in the country, which is 27 per cent of the total population eligible for the third dose. Precautionary doses are yet to be given to a large population. In such a situation, it is expected that in the coming days, people will get vaccinated understanding the importance of taking the precaution dose. (language)



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