Busness Ideas – What is Gold – How to do Gold Business

Busness Ideas

Busness Ideas – Today we will know what is gold and how to do gold business, as well as we will know what things have to be taken care of for different gold traders and shops and which licenses are most important for which shop.

Along with this, we will know how to check gold and why it is so important to check it, so let’s start by reading the article how to do gold business….

Busness Ideas – What Is Gold

Before starting the business of gold, we know what is gold and why its demand is so high in today’s time…

You will be proud to know that India is the only country in the whole world where gold is found the most for so many years and that is why people know India by the name of gold bird since ancient times.

Talking about the history of gold, from Europe to the Middle East to the tombs of the Pharaohs of Egypt, gold is seen all over the ancient world.

How To Do Gold Business

Gold business in India can be divided into different types:

  • Retail Jewelery Shops
  • Online Jewelery
  • gold trading
  • gold importers
  • Jewelery making shops

Retail Jewellery Shop

If you want to open a Retail Jewelery Shop, then for that you have to get many registrations and documents verified. So let us now know where you can start your Retail Business and what documents are required for that:

Retail jewelry shop cannot be opened in very poor villages, if you do this, then your shop may get stolen in the late night or if no one comes to buy such expensive items, you may also see a lot of loss.

You open your shop at such a location from where it is easy to do business and there are not many jewelery shops already available in the area.

You need some license to run any kind of your business properly so that no one can take any kind of legal action regarding your business or accuse you of earning money wrongly.

You have to get these necessary licenses for jewelry business

  • GST license
  • Gumasta License
  • MSME License

Online Jewelery Ka Business

To do online jewelery business, you can easily do your jewelery business with the help of the following methods:

First of all, do research in the market, which type of jewelry is most in demand.

Then decide for what kind of audience you will produce and sell your jewelry with the help of Online Platform.

After this, you have to make a good business plan for Marketing and Selling of the Designs made by you, otherwise there is a lot of loss in the hard work done by you.

After this, you will have to actually make the products of your design and prepare them for delivery.

If the demand for your designs is very high in the market, then you can increase the production by sharing your design with the help of other jewelry making workers available around you.

After this, if some of your products are sold, then you can sell your product for a long time by doing maximum promotion and digital marketing.

If your brand becomes really popular by the customer, then you can also create your own brand according to your business.

Jewelery making shops

If you want to open a jewelry making shop, then before that you have to know how to make jewelry and what materials are used to make it.

It is easy to open a jewelry making shop, for this you just need a shop which is in the middle of the market and some shop licenses such as:

  • GST
  • Gumasta
  • Msme

will be needed. Even if you do not have GST in the beginning, your business can be started, but later if you increase your business on a large scale, then it is mandatory for you to take GST.

After this, you will have to go to the market and bring the jewelry making material in wholesale price and collect the information about the making cost by going to even more old shops.

After this, you have to do some marketing and promotion of your shop so that people start coming and you will have to work for a little less charge in the beginning, after that once their trust is built, they will come to make their things with you for a long time. .

You can also make a good Banner and Pamphlet for the promotion of your shop and reach more and more people. You can also take help of Newspaper for this type of marketing.

In the beginning, if you want to do jewelry making business, then you can easily start it between ₹ 50,000 to ₹ 1,00,000.

If you are not opening a very big shop, then a small shop which will cost from ₹ 32,000 to ₹ 45,000. This will include your shop’s Rent, Electricity Bill, Marketing, Jewelery making materials etc.

Gold Rate Today

You can use the button given below to know about the current rate going on in Gold.

Gold Rate 

Gold Detector Machine Price

As we know, it is mandatory for a good businessman to have all kinds of testing equipment to check his goods.

In the same way, if before starting this business, you transact your goods by thoroughly checking and examining it, then people’s trust in you increases more quickly and they try for a long time to buy goods from you. buy.

If you want to check the purity of gold and sell it yourself, then you can buy Gold Testing Machine available in the market.

If you want to get the information about Gold Testing Machine online now, then you can click on the button given below and get information about its information and what is its current rate in the market.

This machine is more beneficial for those people who want to see the business and import / export of raw gold.

Gold Detector

Gold Quality Check

In today’s time, anyone can easily copy a very precious metal like gold and sell it to people, but if you are a good businessman and want your business to sit for a long time, then you have to take full care of its quality.

  • According to the website of BSI, to ensure the purity of gold, we get to know about its purity from the Hallmark on any jewellery. For this, while taking jewellery, we have to take special care of these four wicks along with Hallmark which are:
  • Any jewelry which is being told as Hallmarked by BSI, if it is really Hallmarked by BSI, then you will definitely see the logo of BSI on it.
  • The purity of any jewelry or precious metal is measured in two ways: Karat (KT) and Fineness number. If any precious metal is pure, then ornaments cannot be made from it, that’s why we determine the quality of that ornament by its fineness.
  • Identification mark/number of the Assaying and Hallmarking Centre;
  • Jeweler’s Identification Mark/Number
  • Hope you have liked this post of ours Gold Kya Hota Hai and Gold Ka Business Kaise Kare.

If you liked the post, then share it with as many people as possible and if you have any question related to this post, then you can ask it by commenting in the comment box below.


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