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wedding business Idea

Today, in this post, we will know what is a Wedding Planner and how to become a wedding planner, as well as we will know the complete information about how to do wedding business.

Can you start Wedding Planning Business or how much investment is required to become a wedding planner, can you start this business on loan.

From where to get the license for this business and where to do the marketing of this business, if the Wedding Planner starts the business, then how to plan someone’s wedding.

In this post, we will know the answers to all these questions in detail. After reading this article, how can you start your own Wedding Planning business and get people’s weddings done successfully.

What Is A Wedding Planner

A wedding planner is a person whose job is to prepare for all the ceremonies in a wedding, such as decorating the stage, giving tea and water to relatives or guests, arranging for their food, making arrangements for their stay and arrival.

This wedding planner does the work of decorating the stage, setting up garlands there, arranging dance by installing music system, arranging water etc.

In simple language, a person who takes the responsibility of getting you married by taking money from you and takes the burden of doing all the necessary tasks in your marriage, such a person is called a wedding planner. .

You must have seen many people who get married at a location far away from their home or abroad, such people plan their wedding in other cities and other countries with the help of these wedding planners and get such weddings done by wedding planners only.

How To Become A Wedding Planner

You should do a course in Event Management to become a wedding planner. Event Management course is a course in which you can learn wedding planning and you can choose BBA, BSC in degree to do event management course.

With which you can do BBA, BSC by choosing Event Management Specialty and become a wedding planner. There is a subject of wedding planning inside Event Management where you are taught everything related to wedding planning. If you do this course then you too can become a successful bedding planner.

What To Do To Become A Wedding Planner

To become a wedding planner, you should do an event management course, in this course you are taught all the things related to the event and you are taught Wedding Planning, Birthday Planning, Concert Planning, Meeting / Event Planning.

Event Management or Hotel Management course is specially made for those people who want to do business like wedding planning. So if you want to become a Wedding Planner then you should do a course in Event Management.

How To Do Wedding Planner Business

If you want to start your own wedding planner business, then for this you can do a course in event management.

But if you do not want to do Event Management course and apart from that you want to start Wedding Planning business, then you can open a company for this.

To do the work of Wedding Planner, you can hire those people who have done the course of Event Management.

In this way you will not need to ask anyone and you will have to do many more things to run your event management business:

You have to make a team of your own which can execute the wedding plan and execute it.

You have to open an office of your own where you can meet the client.

You have to create a website where you can show Pictures (Catalog) of many events related to Wedding.

You have to register your business and get Business License.

You have to do marketing of your wedding planning business so that more and more people get to know about your business.

If you complete all the points mentioned above and follow the steps, then you can start your wedding planning business very easily.

Wedding Planner Business Me Invesment

Investment in Wedding Planner business seems to be in two ways, first is to do your course which is wind management, second is to start your wedding planning business, we want to know about starting wedding planning business in this course, so we are in this We will not talk about the course fees, we will talk about the direct investment in the business.

You will need to open a business in the wedding planner business, the cost of office rates, employers’ salary, marketing etc., which will come approximately between 1,00,000/- to 3,00,000/-. Between 1 to 3,00,000, you can start your wedding business even on a small scale.

How To Take Loan For Wedding Planner Business

If you want to start your business but you do not have money then you can start your wedding planner on loan also. Loans are given by the government to the traders who want to start their new business.

If you also want to take a loan for your wedding planner business, then write about it in detail, in which we have told how to take a loan for a new business, then you can give a loan for your business by reading that post.

How To Get Wedding Planner Business License

You will have to take two types of licenses for your wedding planning business, the first of which will be the first type of license for your business.

  • Gumasta (Shop License)
  • Rang Bhoomi License
  • On the other hand, there is a car license, there will be licenses that you will have to get to get married.
  • IPRS license
  • Liquor License

Gumasta license has to be taken for the office of your business where you or your employees will sit and work. You will have to take the Rangbhoomi license from any police station or collector office so that you can do any event work.

After this, if you are getting married in a marriage hall or hotel or getting married in an open ground, then you must have an IPRS license so that you can get activities like music dance done there. You can take license for your business and also for marriage event.

After this, if you are going to serve alcohol in the wedding, then you will have to take a license for it by writing LIquor so that you can serve alcohol in your wedding without any problem.

How to Market Wedding Planner Business

You can do marketing of wedding planner business by creating your own website where you can advertise on websites like Google or Facebook Instagram by creating an ad to get people married for less money.

With this, you can send your business on social media, create a profile, you can market your business.

We have written below how to promote your business on Facebook, Instagram etc. and write in detail about them, you can create an account and profile for your business.

  • facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
  • google maps

How To Do Wedding Planning

To do wedding planning, you can follow the steps given below and create your own format or make a proposal.

  • First of all decide the date of marriage on which date to get married so that you will know how much time you have for wedding planning.
  • Make a budget for how much to spend in the wedding so that you can calculate what arrangements you have to make with that money.
  • Book venue or book hotel for engagement garland reception etc.
  • If you want to get married in a team like South Indian style, Western style, Punjabi style, Bengali style, etc., then plan it in advance and buy and keep whatever material is necessary in these.
  • Caterer DJ Band Photographer Videographer Florist Book it all and make a list
  • Make a list of all the guests coming to the wedding and make a rate list for giving gifts and facilities to all those guests so that you can give sure things to each and every relative.
  • Shop for wedding dresses for the bride, dresses for the groom, clothes for his family and jewelry
  • Along with this, buy all the other decoration items for the mandap stage and prepare them as well.
  • Make firm bills for all purchases and keep their receipts with you.
  • By following all these steps, you can plan any marriage and become a successful bedding plan.
  • Apart from this, you can also take the help of wedding planning taught in your event management, so that it will be easy for you to do wedding planning only.


FAQ- / wedding business Idea

Q.1 How to start marriage business

To start a wedding business, you have to become a wedding planner. If you become a wedding planner, you can do wedding business.

Q.2 How to do marriage business

You can do wedding business by opening your own wedding planning company, for this you can do event management course to become a wedding planner.

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