Ways To Earn Money By Watching Ads (Top 5 Ways) Add Dekhkar Paise Kamaye | Know These 5 Ways

Ways To Earn Money By Watching Ads

You will often use Google and YouTube and you would think that you read any article for free on Google and watch any video for free through YouTube, that means you do not have to pay any fees etc.

But Google gets 32% and 45% of the money from the ads shown on Google and YouTube respectively and the content creators get the rest.

This means that Google is earning by showing us ads and we think that we are using YouTube for free but in reality it is using us to earn more money.

Well, leave it, this is a big company which is earning money by showing Ad, but if we say that you can also earn money by watching Ad, then many people may not digest this thing or they may find it a lie. That is why today we are going to tell you how to earn money by watching ads?

Why do companies run Ads

The company runs advertisements to make its product more popular. Through Ads, the company makes more and more people aware of its product.

Brands have to spend money to advertise, but due to the ad, their products are sold more, due to which they get more net profit.

Our aim is not only to tell you about Ad, why the company runs Ad? Rather it is to tell how you can earn money by watching Ad. So let’s now talk about our work-

Add DekhKar Paise Kaise Kamaye

You can earn money by watching Ad in these 5 ways-

  • From Neobux
  • From GTP Planet
  • from Scarlet Clicks
  • from ySens
  • From Bux Leader

[1] How To Earn Money From Neobux

Neobux is a great online site in which we can earn money by watching online ads. Neobux gives money for viewing ads which is according to the click.

To earn money in this, first you have to go to the site and create an account.

You can use email id or mobile number to create an account.

After creating an account, you will start getting ads, which you can start earning money by watching.

In this, you get to see 25 to 30 ads daily, which you can open and earn money.

Apart from this, you can earn more money by referring friends. To withdraw money, you have to earn minimum 2 dollars.

[2] GPT Planet

GPT planet is such a website in which you get to see unlimited advertisements. This website is more popular globally.

Points are also available for watching ads in GPT planet, which you can later redeem for cash. For every 10,000 you can redeem 1 dollar.

In this, you get $ 0.01 for opening an ad and there is also an option of surveys for more earning. This site is in this field from last 10 years which makes GPT planet reliable. In this, you can withdraw from PayPal by earning 1 dollar.

[3] Scarlet Clicks

There are more than 44 lakh users on this website. scarlet clicks is a high paying website like GPT planet in which you get $0.01 for each click.

But to withdraw money, you have to do 2 dollars in the account, which is good for many users, you can transfer these money to PayPal. If you refer someone on this website then you get commission.

[4] ySense

ySense is a popular site to earn money by watching ads. Earlier its name was ClixSense which was later changed to ySense.

The reason why we are praising this site more is that in this you get to see ads according to age, gender and location, as well as surveys for extra income.

To withdraw money from ySense, you have to deposit at least $10 in your account, after which you can transfer to paypal or Payoneer.

[5] Book Leader

Bux leader is also a great PTC website.

  • For this you have to create an account first.
  • After creating an account, you will get an option named view ads, clicking on which ads will appear in front of you, on which time duration and money will be written.
  • As an example, you will get $ 0.01 for watching a 30-second ad.
  • In this website you will get to see mini, nano and super nano ads. You get paid according to the size of the ad.

Apart from these websites, there are many other sites which give an opportunity to earn money by showing ads, but here we have given you the names of popular and reliable websites.


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