How to Link PAN Card and Aadhar Card

How to Link PAN Card and Aadhar Card

How to Link PAN Card and Aadhar Card -: The Indian government has made linking your PAN card and Aadhar card essential in order to guarantee correctness and openness in financial transactions. These two important publications may be linked together easily using a variety of techniques.

Online Approach:

  • Visit the official website for tax filing electronically: Go to, the Income Tax Department of India’s official website.
  • On the website’s home page, there is a link to “Link Aadhar” that you may select. To move forward, click it.
  • Add information here: Give the necessary information, including your name, birthdate, and gender, as well as your PAN card and Aadhar numbers.
  • Check Specifics: Double-check the data you’ve entered to make sure it’s accurate.
  • OTP Verification: An OTP (One-Time Password) will be sent to the registered cellphone number associated with your Aadhar card. To confirm your identity on the website, enter the OTP.
  • Your PAN card and Aadhar card have been connected successfully after successful verification, according to the notification you get.

SMS Method:

  1. Compose SMS: From your registered mobile number, send an SMS in the following format: “UIDPAN <12-digit Aadhar number> <10-character PAN>.” For example, “UIDPAN 123456789012 ABCDE1234F.”
  2. Send SMS: Send the SMS to the designated number provided by the Income Tax Department.
  3. Confirmation SMS: You will receive an acknowledgment SMS confirming the successful linking of your PAN and Aadhar.

Offline Method: By going to a PAN service centre or authorised facilitation centre, you can also link your PAN and Aadhar. Give a copy of your PAN and Aadhar information along with it. You can get help from the centre with the connection procedure.

Benefits of Linking PAN Card and Aadhar Card:

  1. Smooth Tax Filing: Linked documents simplify the process of income tax return filing.
  2. Prevent Tax Evasion: Linking helps the government track financial transactions and prevent tax evasion.
  3. Access to Financial Services: Linked documents enable smoother banking, investment, and loan processes.
  4. Government Schemes: Linked documents are often required for availing government subsidies and schemes.

Important Points to Note:

  • Ensure that your name, date of birth, and gender match accurately on both your PAN and Aadhar cards.
  • Keep your mobile number updated and registered with both documents for OTP verification.
  • If there are any discrepancies in the details, resolve them before linking.

Conclusion: It is legally required to link your PAN card and Aadhar card, which simplifies financial operations and guarantees adherence to tax laws. You may link your PAN and Aadhar cards quickly and simply by following the above-described easy procedures, helping to create a more open and responsible financial system.

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