YouTube – How To Earn Money From YouTube (5 Best Ways To Earn From YouTube)

How To Earn Money From YouTube

Times are changing, the world is becoming digital and in today’s time everyone wants to earn money online, that’s why people are searching How To Earn Money From YouTube in large numbers on google. With time, we have also come to know that new ways of earning money are coming and we should take advantage of it in time.

Many ways have come to earn money online and people are earning good money from it, one of them is today we will know how many ways and how money can be earned from YouTube.

After covid-19, a lot of people have created their YouTube channels and are running their whole house because people have started taking YouTube as a career, seriously and they know that they can earn money sitting at home. can |

(How To Start Youtube Channel by Mobile )

Creating a YouTube channel is a very easy task, any person can create a YouTube channel only from his mobile phone, let’s know how to create a YouTube channel from mobile.

First of all, download the Youtube application (App) in your mobile.

Login to Youtube with any of your Gmail account.

After opening the youtube app, you will see your profile picture, click on it.

After this you will see the option create a channel on which you have to click.

After filling the given information, your YouTube channel will be ready.

Isn’t it such an easy process, once the YouTube channel is ready, you can change the logo, profile picture or background image and apply it according to your own. (Earn Money From YouTube)

Must Read And Follow Youtube Community Guidelines

Before uploading a video on YouTube, you must read the community guidelines of YouTube. Every social media platform has its own terms and conditions, which are very important to follow, if you do not follow these terms and conditions, then May be all your money earned from youtube, youtube may not give you and your channel can also be deleted.

On Which Topic More Money Can Be Earned By Making Videos On YouTube. Best Youtube Video Topic Ideas

Earning from YouTube is good when more and more people watch your videos and more people will watch your videos only when you know how to make videos on the right topic. If you made a video on a topic that people are not liking, then your video will not get many views, due to which you will not earn.

Before knowing ‘How to earn money from youtube’, you should know which videos to put on YouTube so that more and more people watch you and also subscribe to your channel, for this you need to read Youtube Video Trending Topics ideas is | After this you will understand how to increase the views of your video.

Earn from YouTube in 5 ways. How To Earn Money From YouTube

We all know that YouTube is earning, but very few people know that what are the ways by which YouTube can be earned, in this article today we will know what are the ways by which YouTube is earned –

Earn by Monetizing Youtube Channel

The highest earning on YouTube is from monetization, through monetization, YouTube shows ads on your videos, for which it gives you money in dollars. You must have noticed that ads come on many videos, YouTube gives them a lot of money in return.

It does not happen that every YouTube channel is monetized. It has some terms and conditions, if you fulfill it, then YouTube monetizes your channel and ads start appearing on it and your earnings also start.

Rules for Monetizing Youtube Channel –

YouTube has made some rules of its own, only after which it will monetize your channel and your earnings can start. For this, YouTube’s condition is that your channel should have 4000 hours of watch time within 12 months and at least There should also be at least 1000 subscribes. If you are able to do this, then you can start earning by enabling the monetization option on YouTube.

Once you fulfill the conditions from YouTube, then you can enable the monetization option on YouTube in your channel, let’s know how to do it.

Go to your youtube channel profile and click on video manager

After that you will see the option of the channel, by clicking on which you click on enable my account.

Proceed by accepting the Terms & Conditions, after that you will see that dollar ($) symbol.

After that go ahead by clicking on Monetization and make Monetize with ads Yes.

And finally save the setting by clicking on the Save button.

After doing this whole process, ads will start appearing on your channel and earning from your youtube will also start.

Earn money from YouTube by doing Affiliate Marketing.

The second most successful way to earn money from YouTube is Affiliate Marketing. In today’s time, many youtubers are doubling and tripling their income through affiliate marketing.

You must have seen that many youtubers review some products and give their links in the description box, after clicking on which when people buy this product, that youtuber gets a commission in return.

This is a great way to earn, you just have to review a product once and make a video and upload it on YouTube, after that whenever people watch that video and buy products from your gender, you get lifetime commission. Will remain |

Many companies run Affiliate Programs, for this you have to join their Affiliate Program according to you. The most popular Affiliate Program in today’s time is amazon affiliate marketing, how to signup it and how to share the product.

Make Money From Youtube By Paid Promotion

I told you in the beginning that there are many ways to earn money from YouTube, now we know about the way in which you earn the most, we call it paid promotions.

When you start growing slowly on YouTube, your subscribers start increasing and you have a lot of subscribers, then big companies contact you for promotion or marketing of their products, and in return, you will get only once. I only pay lakhs of rupees.

You only have to promote the product of that company or the app of that company or that company in any way (as they will discuss you) by showing the name of that company in your YouTube channel, showing its logo and its new features. In this you have to make people aware and for doing this you get good money in one go.

Imagine if you got 4-5 paid promotions in a month and you are getting 50,000 in return for one tree promotion, then you can earn two to two and a half lakh rupees a month only from tree promotion and this amount can be even more. I (Earn Money From YouTube)

Earn money from YouTube by selling your own services or courses.

If you are proficient in any work, that is, you are an expert, then you can make a course related to your work or by telling your own services to people through YouTube, you can give it in exchange for money.

For example, if you like to travel a lot and you put videos related to it on YouTube and people are liking your video, then people will ask you the complete details about going there by commenting. By making a complete Itinerary of that place, you can tell them the complete details.

Similarly, from any food recipe, educational courses, traveling, tech, blogging, meditation and many other topics whose courses or services are sold through YouTube (Earn Money From YouTube).

Earn Money From Youtube Channel Membership

When you have 1000 or more subscribers, after that you can turn on the membership option in your YouTube channel, by which you will charge monthly fees from your subscribers, in return for which you share any of your special videos with them. Which your other subscribers will not be able to see.

Nowadays people are taking this type of memberships very fast, in which Youtubers share their special videos with those members only, in which they share their knowledge and experience or any type of services in very detail.

Before closing-

I think your search that How To Earn Money From YouTube must have been completed through this article because in this article I have told you all the ways through which you can travel from zero to lakhs of rupees from YouTube. l

With time, new technology comes, maybe in future there will be more new ways to earn money from YouTube, but at the moment these are some of the ways through which youtubers earn.

Thank you all for reading my article!


Q- How to increase views of Youtube Videos?

Keep the content of your video good and share it on maximum social media platforms

Q- For what does YouTube pay for showing an ad or clicking on it?

You also get money for views and also on clicks, but there are conditions.

Q- Can the payment from YouTube be taken directly in my bank?

Yes, on youtube you can take payment directly in your bank.

Q- Is it free to create a channel on YouTube?

Yes, creating a channel on YouTube is absolutely free and it is very easy.


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