E-sanjeevani OPD – E-Sanjeevani OPD Home Health Services Rajasthan New Scheme 2023

E-sanjeevani OPD

OPD E-sanjeevani E-Sanjeevani OPD: Due to the lockout, the general public is having a difficult time accessing healthcare services. Additionally, because of the corona virus, people are reluctant to visit the hospital, and it is not advisable to overcrowd the facilities. The Ministry of Public Health and Family Welfare has in the past established telemedicine programmes in numerous Indian states to offer medical advice and counselling to those under home quarantine. The doctor is accessible through the e-Sanjeevani site for health services, medical consultation, and home treatment for different disorders in the same order.

This service will now be accessible through E-Mitra Kiosk in Rajasthan as well. Teleconsultancy will be the name of this service. On May 4, 2004, this service was launched. The Department of Information and Technology created this service after seeing its value. – being initiated by Mitra. At the moment, this service is provided under the name e-Sanjeevani. Through this site, patients may now receive medical consultations while relaxing in their own homes between the hours of 8 am and 2 pm.

The term E-Sanjeevani makes it obvious that health services in the form of Sanjeevani will be offered through an online platform. The patient can use a tablet, laptop, or mobile device to directly speak in real time with the doctor.

E-sanjeevani OPD Registration

OPD E-sanjeevani E-Sanjeevani: The patient must first sign up from his or her device on the official E-Sanjeevani website, which may be reached at https://www.esanjeevaniopd.in/. Let’s examine the e-Sanjeevani portal’s registration procedure.

  1. The user must first visit E-Sanjeevani’s official website by clicking the link provided above.
  2. After that, the user must click Patient Registration on the main page.
  3. You must now fill out your cellphone number on the open screen before clicking Send OTP and verifying OTP.
  4. When registering a patient and creating a token, you must submit the patient’s name, address, and age-related information once the OTP has been verified.
  5. After completing this, you must submit. Following submission, you will receive a token on your mobile device, which will display the patient’s waiting list.
  6. After that, sign in using the token number you were given, then choose Call. As soon as it is your turn, begin asking questions of the doctor, and once you have finished speaking, you will be given a treatment slip that will allow you to purchase your medication.
  7. In this way, the e-Sanjeevani doctor consultation procedure would be finished and individuals will be able to access superior health care from home.

Benefits of e-Sanjeevani

  • With the medium of e-Sanjeevani, the patient will get freedom from standing in line to the doctor and waiting for hours.
  • Any patient can consult any doctor from this portal.
  • From this portal, the patient can inform the doctor about the already ongoing treatment and can also tell the X-ray or any other treatment slip to the doctor.

E-Sanjeevani Official Portal Link- https://www.esanjeevaniopd.in/


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