Covid Guidelines: From Random Testing To Isolation… New Guidelines Issued For Travelers Coming To India From Abroad

Covid Guidelines

Covid Guidelines – Guidelines For International Arrivals: Once again new cases of corona are coming to the fore all over the world and hundreds of people are dying every day. Looking at this, preparations have started in India as well. PM Modi himself took a high-level meeting regarding Corona and gave necessary instructions. Apart from this, the Union Health Minister is also constantly taking stock of the preparations along with officials and experts. Because Corona is causing havoc abroad, in such a situation, a guideline has been issued by the Government of India for the passengers coming from abroad. In which everything from vaccination to testing has been talked about. Let us know what is there in the guidelines issued for foreign travelers.

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  • Those who are preparing to come to India or are coming to India have been advised to get vaccinated. Passengers have been asked to be a part of the vaccination process in their country.
  • If you are traveling then you have to use social distancing and mask. All airlines have also been instructed for this, in which it has been said that these things should be taken care of during travel and at all entry points.
  • If any symptoms of corona are seen in any passenger, then it will be isolated under the rules. It will be necessary for this passenger to wear a mask and will have to be separated from the rest of the passengers immediately.
  • When de-boarding of passengers, physical distancing should be taken care of. There should be thermal screening of passengers after landing at the airport. Health officers should be deployed at entry points.
  • If symptoms are found in any passenger during the screening, isolate them immediately and take them to the nearest medical facility. Further action should be taken following the health protocol.
  • Random testing of two percent of the total number of passengers in the flight should be done. There should be complete arrangements for testing at the airport. Airlines will have to give information about such passengers. Passengers will be allowed to go after taking the sample.
  • If any passenger’s sample is found positive after testing, then it should be sent to INSACOG lab for genome sequencing as soon as possible.
  • In the guideline issued by the Ministry of Health, the passengers have been asked to keep monitoring their health themselves. If there is any problem then you can call the nearest helpdesk or helpline number (1075). It has also been told in this guideline that there will be no random testing of children below 12 years of age at the airport. However, if symptoms of corona are found then the child can be tested under the protocol.


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