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NASA Took Out The Job of ‘Lying On The Bed’, After 2 Months The Selected People Got Lakhs Of Rupees!

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Viral News Today – NASA Recruits Volunteers to Spend Months in Bed: Space agency NASA is doing such recruitment, in which the selected people have to lie on the bed only for two months and in return they were given lakhs of rupees.

NASA Recruits Volunteers for Lying in Bed : Many times we think if someone hires you, where you do not have to work and just lie on the bed. By the way, there are also such jobs, where the work of watching TV while lying on the bed is done, but the space agency NASA (NASA Recruits Volunteers to Spend Months in Bed) offers such a job, in which only and only lying on the bed. The interesting thing is that money is also offered for this, that too in lakhs.

NASA had done research on artificial gravity, for which they had recruited some people, who had to lie on the bed only and only. He was kept for this work for 2 months and NASA was constantly monitoring him. When his term was completed, he was given a salary of 18500 US dollars i.e. 14.8 lakh rupees for continuously lying on the bed.

It’s not that easy to ‘rest’

You may find it attractive to hear that 24 people selected in these experiments spent 60 days lying down, but it was not that easy. During this, he had to do all the activities of food and rest while lying down. Lying straight in bed for 24 hours for 2 months was a very difficult task because during this time scientists were studying the changes that occur in the body of astronauts due to anti-gravity during space flight. While lying down, you have to keep your head tilted down 6 degrees. This has to be done from eating to toilet. In such a situation, only such people are selected, whose mental condition is to stay in bed for such a long time.

Money is earned even by selling organs

Apart from being enrolled for psychological and space related studies, donating body parts also contributes to the progress of science. Research institutions also buy blood plasma, which can be sold for 50 dollars i.e. 4000 rupees. It is used for research in the treatment of diseases. Apart from this, you can earn up to Rs 6-11 lakh by donating your eggs. It is also used for research. Apart from this, sperm donation and bone marrow donation are also done, which are used in medical research. For the help of science, a dead body can also be donated, which is used for research and then the cost of its funeral is also borne by the buying organization.

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