GK Online Quiz Test Today: September 19

Rajasthan GK Quiz

GK Online Quiz Test Today: September 19

General Knowledge Online Quiz: September 19

Test your general knowledge with this quiz for September 19. Answer the following questions to see how well you know a variety of topics from history to science.

Question 1: History

On September 19, in which year did the Battle of Saragarhi take place, known for the incredible bravery of 21 Sikh soldiers?

a) 1857 b) 1897 c) 1917 d) 1947

Question 2: Science

What is the chemical symbol for gold?

a) Go; b) Gd; c) Au; d) Ag

Question 3: Geography

Which mountain range covers multiple nations, including Nepal, India, Bhutan, and China, and is home to the world’s highest peak, Mount Everest?

Question 4: Literature

Who wrote the renowned novel “To Kill a Mockingbird,” which was released on July 11, 1960?

Question 5: Sports

Which sport is known as the “gentleman’s game” and is particularly popular in England and several other countries?

Question 6: Arts and Culture

Which famous artist is known for painting the “Mona Lisa”?

Question 7: Technology

What does the abbreviation “URL” stand for in the context of the internet?

Question 8: Politics

Who is the current President or Head of State of India as of September 19, 2023?

Question 9: Entertainment

Which actor played the iconic character of James Bond in the film “Skyfall,” released in 2012?

Question 10: Music

What musical instrument is Yo-Yo Ma famous for playing?


  1. b) 1897
  2. c) Au
  3. The Himalayas
  4. Harper Lee
  5. Cricket
  6. Leonardo da Vinci
  7. Uniform Resource Locator
  8. Provide the current President or Head of State of India.
  9. Daniel Craig
  10. Cello

Test your general knowledge.

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